League of Legends: New Pulsefire Skins Revealed on PBE

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League of Legends/Riot Games
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A new set of Pulsefire skins coming to League of Legends.

Five new skins were just announced on League of Legends PBE for the Pulsefire line. These include new Pulsefire skins for Fiora, Ekko, Pantheon, and Lucian, with Lucian also getting a prestige edition skin to go alongside the normal Pulsefire skin.

The first of the skins is for Ekko. It does look pretty cool and the future type theme fits him well. Then I looked again and wasn’t like “isn’t this PROJECT Ekko?”

The two just seem similar and it makes it so this skin doesn’t really add anything new to a roster of skins line that is already pretty good. Plus this comes on the heels of True Damage Ekko which is an awesome skin. I can’t imagine this skin selling very well.

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Next up is Fiora and she is in a similar position to Ekko. The color scheme and theme fits Fiora, just fine. However it’s another case of “oh it’s another PROJECT skin” for her. With PROJECT Fiora also currently on sale for the week of April 27, you can get a similar skin, for less money, and without having to wait a patch.

The next skin is for Pantheon. At first, I was like “finally a skin that doesn’t feel like a theme repeat.” Then I was introduced to Full Metal Pantheon. The skins look different enough, but still have a similar theme and look, though I would probably go with the more modern Pulsefire skin in this case.

Lucian is getting two new skins including a prestige edition. Both of these skins are sharp-looking and cool. Except they look a tad bit like either Hired Gun Lucian or PROJECT Lucian, so more repeats of existing themes.

Honestly, I have to ask what was Riot thinking on this set. Why did they pick champions that already have these basically these same skins?

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I just feel like there’s too much overlap between these new Pulsefire skins and the PROJECT skins for those that have them. Riot could have done better with selecting champions that don’t have this type of skin already. So overall I would say skip these unless you really like them and wait for the next round of skins.