TFT Patch 10.10 Breakdown: Going into the Armory

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /
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League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Patch 10.10 brings a new Galaxy and a host of changes to TFT!

The newest TFT patch notes for Patch 10.10 are out and ready for our review and breakdown. In this patch we have a change to the Superdense Galaxy, one brand new Galaxy, and a nerf to Mech Pilots. Let’s break down all the changes!

New Galaxy

"Galactic Armory All players start with the same 2 full items."

I actually really hate this galaxy. With all players starting with the same two full items, there is likely going to be an arms race to collect the units that best use those items. That’s going to cause a situation where luck and RNG are going to be heavy determining factors as to who places high or low.

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Let’s say one of the items is Red Buff. Lucian is currently the best user of Red Buff in the game, so there will be a run on Lucians in the early game. This means that most people will go either 6 Cybernetics or Brawlers/Blasters and the game will likely be decided by who can get their comp up and running first.

Galaxy Odds

"Normal – 30% of games Galactic Armory – 12.5% of games Treasure Trove – 10% of games Star Cluster – 7.5% of games Trade Sector – 10% of games The Neekoverse – 7.5% of games Lilac Nebula – 7.5% of games Medium Legends – 7.5% of games Superdense Galaxy – 7.5% of games"

The only two galaxies that got their odds changed were Normal (35 ⇒ 30%), Treasure Trove (15 ⇒ 10%), and Star Cluster (15 ⇒ 7.5%). I am happy to see the Trade Sector keeping it’s higher probability, as I think it’s one of the more interesting galaxies to play in.

Galaxy Changes

"Superdense Galaxy Now grants a free Force of Nature after the stage 3 carousel, rather than upon reaching level 5."

Great change because it eliminates the need to immediately level to 5 after the second Carousel.

System Changes

"If you attempt to use Neeko’s Help on a unit with no copies left in the bag, you’ll now see a message telling you why it isn’t working."

I’ve actually never run into this problem, but this is a good quality of life fix. I would prefer that Neeko’s Help simply make a new copy that exists outside of the “bag” and disappears if you sell it, but at least this provides some clarity to its use.

"Reduced the chances of a random full item carousel by a large amount, especially in earlier carousels."

I actually don’t mind getting those full item Carousels in the early game because 1) it’s random and 2) it encourages flexibility and adaptation. Still, this isn’t a terrible change or anything.

"Item drops are now a bit more likely to appear in earlier PVE stages."

This change is probably for the best because the value of getting gold early (and thus getting to buy more units or get to interest quicker) is just too high right now. This evens the playing field early.