League of Legends: Everything You Can Get in the Pulsefire Event

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The Pulsefire Event is live in League of Legends! Here is what you can get and what it costs!

A new event for League of Legends kicks off today at 1:00 PM PT, as the Pulsefire Event begins with an opportunity to earn tokens for orbs, skins, and other cosmetics. It all caps off with the release of seven new skins plus one Presitge Edition skin. We’ll break down everything you can get out of the Pulsefire Event before it ends on June 15!


First the big news, URF IS BACK! That’s right everyone’s favorite game mode is back for the Pulsefire Event all month long! URF goes live on May 14 and runs through June 15, 2020. Be sure to check out all our URF coverage (including URF tier lists and guides) throughout the event.

Astronaut Skins

As mentioned above, there will be three brand new skins joining the Astronaut line later in the Pulsefire Event. Those three skins will go to Gnar, Bard, and Poppy, joining the existing Astronauts Nautilus and Teemo.

The skins will go on sale on May 28, 2020. On release, they will each cost 1350 RP, classifying them as epic skins. You can also get chromas for the skins for tokens you earn through missions!

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Pulsefire Skins and Chromas

There will also be four brand new Pulsefire skins releasing with the start of this event. Ekko, Fiora, and Pantheon will all be added to the Pulsefire lineup. Lucian will also get a Pulsefire skin, but he will be the lucky one to get a Prestige Edition skin.

All four of the base Pulsefire skins will be available for 1350 RP and Ekko, Fiora, and Pantheon’s skins will come with optional chromas. The chroma options will also include exclusive “influencer” emerald chromas for Ekko and Pantheon. The chromas will cost 290 RP each but can also be purchased as part of a bundle.

Other Cosmetics

In addition to the new skins, the Pulsefire Event will also bring a new ward skin to League of Legends. The 2020 Pulsefire Ward will be the first purchasable ward released this year.

Champion border sets will also be available to purchase for the four Pulsefire champions and as part of a mega bundle. The set comes with a skin, ward skin, and border icon, along with the champion if you do not own them. The bundles for each champion cost 2220 RP if you own the champion and between 2600 and 2715 RP if you do not own the champion (depending on which champion you are buying).

Other cosmetics coming with the Pulsefire Event are three new emotes. There will also be Pulsefire Orbs that have a chance to drop a random skin shard, Gemstone, or Mythic Skin.


The Pulsefire Event brings more missions to League of Legends, which you can use to unlock various cosmetics and prizes. Interestingly, for this event, Riot is dividing the missions into four types: milestone, token, Pulsefire, and orb. The first two will require you to purchase the Pulsefire Pass for 1650 RP to participate in, and it comes with 200 Pulsefire Tokens and four Pulsefire Orbs.

All of the missions that will become available are listed on the official website, but the different types of missions will earn different types of tokens.

  • Milestone Missions will earn you consumables (icons, emotes, Blue Essence, and a random Little Legend) as well as one Hextech Key, one Masterwork Chest, 750 Orange Essence, and 1 Gemstone if you complete the mission.
  • Token Missions only earn you tokens but are earned just by playing and winning various game types (Summoner’s Rift, ARAM, TFT, and URF). You can earn up to 53 tokens by completing all the events.
  • Pulsefire Missions work like the traditional missions from past events, granting tokens by completing specific tasks in game (like killing 400 minions). You can earn up to 480 tokens by completing all these missions.
  • Orb Missions is actually just one mission. If you play 30 games, you will earn 60 tokens and a Pulsefire Orb.

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for, here are the rewards that you can unlock with tokens from this mission. Keep these in mind throughout the Galaxies Event so you know what you’re saving your tokens for:

  • 1 token = 10 Blue Essence
  • 10 tokens = 100 Blue Essence
  • 20 tokens = 1 key fragment
  • 40 tokens = random emote
  • 50 tokens = random champion shard
  • 60 tokens = 1 key
  • 180 tokens = 3 keys
  • 250 tokens = Icon and border for the following skins
    • Astronaut Gnar
    • Astronaut Bard
    • Astronaut Poppy
  • 300 tokens = Chrono chroma and an icon for the following skins
    • Astronaut Gnar
    • Astronaut Poppy
    • Astronaut Bard
    • Astronaut Teemo
    • Astronautilus