League of Legends Guide: Why the Galio and Sion Duo Can Help You Climb

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

If you’re looking for a broken combo to abuse with your duo queue partner, our League of Legends guide is here to break down Sion and Galio’s synergy.

Duo queuing can be one of the best ways to gain elo in League of Legends. Many high elo players only play on duo queue accounts because it just gives such a huge advantage over your enemy that your win rates can shoot up drastically. If you have a good duo queue partner, our League of Legends guide is right up your alley!

It’s crucial to pick the right duo to take full advantage of hopping on to the Rift with one of your friends. It’s more than just random synergies that make a good duo. The champs have to not only work well together but also do enough combined to carry a team of people who are possibly not doing as well as you hoped for.

Some duos can dominate the game though crowd control making the game a pain for your enemies to play against and an easy way for you to gain elo. Some duos are great damage dealers that can single-handily carry a crucial elder dragon fight.

In today’s League of Legends guide, I’m going to tell you about a duo that can do both, and be an impenetrable frontline that your enemies will struggle to crack. That power duo is Galio and Sion.

Why Galio/Sion?

Even though in the lore these two champions fight for different empires and probably would not be the best of friends, these champions get along great on the rift, especially in low-mid elo.

Both champions definitely have their weakness. Galio often struggles to find suitable teammates to ult on to in fights and Sion sometimes struggles with getting a team to follow up on an engaging ultimate, making you a little less unstoppable. That’s why putting these champions together can make up for each other’s weaknesses and create a truly unstoppable onslaught.

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This duo is also surprisingly adaptive, with both champions easily able to change their builds depending on what your team needs or how a certain matchup is going. Going full tank on both these champions will definitely give your team an incredible frontline, and you would be surprised how much damage you would be able to do with no pure damage items.

You two could also go full damage, going lethality on Sion and full burst ap on Galio. This method is a bit riskier, but the payoff could be huge.

Personally, I would recommend one person to go damage and one person to go tanky. It does not really matter who goes what, in fact rotating between games Is a good method since everyone knows how boring playing tanks can get.

The Combo

One of the main strengths of this duo is the ability to combo in both lane and in team fights. In lane you want Sion to ult in first and have Galio Ult in on top of him. Assuming the Sion ult hits, the Galio ult should be guaranteed. After both ults just keep layering your cc until they die. I have tested this with my friends multiple times and most of the time you will kill the enemy laner before you even use up all your CC, that’s how good this duo is.

In team fights its more or less the same thing, but instead of trying to focus your AOE CC, such as Galio taunt and Sion knock-up, on one person trying to burst them, try to hit as many people as possible. CC can win team fights and with this duo, trust me you will not have problems with CC.


This combo is pretty good, but that being said there are some definitive weaknesses that you need to watch out for.

I would say the biggest counters to this duo strat is getting demolished in lane before you can get that level 6 combo off. Some examples of this might be Talon in mid or Darius in top, which could set you behind very far. The best way to play into these match-ups is to play safe and wait until level 6 so you can chain your ultimate together and get an easy 1v2 kill.

Another thing that might be tough for this strategy would be ranged top laners with heavy mobility such as Vayne, Kennen, and Lucian. If Sion cannot hit his ultimate then this combo might not work, and it’s not like Sion was very good into these champions in the first place.

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This is a combo that I think works best when you have a trustworthy duo who knows how and when to use their ults in concert. I would definitely give this one a shot, just be careful not to die in the lane, because as I said before it is definitely the biggest weakness. Other than that you should see your LP rise a lot when playing Galio and Sion thanks to this League of Legends guide.