League of Legends: Ranking Every One of the Ahri Skins

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Ahri is arguably the face of League of Legends, so we ranked each of her skins to determine which is the best.

There may not be a champion in League of Legends as iconic as Ahri. Not only has she been heavily-featured in most of the game’s marketing, including the most famous cinematic, cosplayers, and leading the K/DA band. With this comes massive popularity and, of course, an incentive to create a lot of skins.

With ten skins in her collection, mid lane mains have no shortage of great options to choose for the Nine-tailed Fox. But which of these skins is the best one for you to don the next time you hit the Rift?

10. Dynasty Ahri

Price: 975 RP

One of her oldest skins and somehow still one of her priciest skins. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone use this skin, that’s how bad it is.

9. Midnight Ahri

Price: 750 RP

I mean…I guess this one is cheaper than the Dynasty skin.

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8. Foxfire Ahri

Price: 975 RP

Orange you glad to see your favorite fox? Seriously, though, this skin is more of a chroma than an actual skin, but she does look pretty cool in her W animation with all the fireballs swirling around her.

7. Challenger Ahri

Price: Unavailable

This was the skin given out to celebrate the start of Season 5 back in 2015 and is, unfortunately, relegated to the legacy vault. That said, if you didn’t manage to pick her up back in Season 5 (or weren’t even playing then) you didn’t miss out on much. It might come with a lot of fun animations

6. Academy Ahri

Price: 750 RP

This skin feels a bit dated now and it doesn’t have a lot of new and unique effects. But man, for that price point this skin looks dope as hell. I mean the level of detail in Ahri’s character model is top-notch, even if it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles.

5. Popstar Ahri

Price: 975 RP

It’s a fun skin for sure, but it was made kind of redundant with the later release of her K/DA skin. It’s probably the best of the “cheap” skins for only 975 RP it comes with a bunch of new animations and maybe the coolest of all her splash arts.

4. Elderwood Ahri

Price: 1350 RP

Great in concept and I love the dark theme for Ahri. It’s really unique to her usual bubble gum, anime-style skins. That said, it just really doesn’t hold up when you compare the skin to some of the better ones in her collection.

3. Star Guardian Ahri

Price: 1820 RP

Her one legendary skin, most will find it odd to place the Star Guardian skin so low. I mean, not only does this skin bring new animations and a brand new recall, but it’s also one of the few skins in the game that brings new voice lines to the champion. Unfortunately, the price just doesn’t justify all the new stuff, especially when the animations are just so underwhelming.

2. K/DA Ahri

Price: 1350 RP

I mean this skin is iconic, not just in the look and new animations, but the fact that she was part of one of the biggest virtual pop groups of all time. Even if you’re not a fan of the music video, though, the skin is absolutely worth the price tag.

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1. Arcade Ahri

Price: 1350 RP

A bit of personal bias here, because I am a huge fanboy of the Arcade skins, but Ahri’s is one of the best. All of her animations are in 8-bit, bringing along with it the old-style arcade sounds to her recall animation. This skin is just too much fun to pass up if you’re a mid laner.