Red Bull Power Spike: Tournament Winner to Face C9 Academy Player

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

It has been revealed that the Red Bull Power Spike 1v1 winner on Saturday, 23 May will have the opportunity to face off against reigning 1v1 champion and Cloud9 Academy player Fudge.

Last month, Red Bull announced a partnership with Riot Games which involved running daily 1v1 League of Legends tournaments alongside Battlefy with a large selection of prizes for the winners. Now, they’re upping the ante with a chance to face off against a professional League of Legends player for whoever wins the 1v1 tournament on Saturday, 23 May.

Cloud9 Academy’s Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami announced yesterday that he would play an exhibition 1v1 match against the winner of this weekend’s tournament. After beating Cloud9’s Nisqy in the King of the Cloud tournament back in April, Fudge is the reigning Red Bull 1v1 champion.

To celebrate the conclusion of the Power Spike tournaments on Sunday, 24 May, and give Fudge a chance to defend (or lose) his title, Cloud9 have once again teamed up with their sponsors Red Bull to reward the winner of Saturday’s tournament with the exciting opportunity to face a pro player.

The Saturday, 23 May Red Bull Power Spike winner will contest C9’s Fudge.

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Do you want to get involved? You can still join Saturday’s tournament now! Simply head to the official League of Legends Discord and sign up for the Red Bull Power Spike tournament. To find the rules, match results, and FAQs, head to the Red Bull Power Spike Discord channels.

There are a bunch of awesome prizes for the top performers and the champion will receive the exclusive Discord role title “Red Bull Power Spike Winner”, as well as the chance to play Fudge in an exhibition 1v1 match.

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For more information about the Red Bull Power Spike tournaments, what prizes are on offer, and how to get involved, check out the competition’s website here.