League of Legends: Kai’Sa will be Supercharged after Patch 10.11 buffs

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Kai’Sa will shoot up the ADC tier list with her upcoming Patch 10.11 buffs.

Flashback to the 2019 World Championship, the most prestigious event in the esports calendar, and one of the most exciting tournaments in League of Legends history. During the knockout stages, where the likes of SK Telecom T1, Invictus Gaming, and G2 Esports battled it out, Kai’Sa was picked or banned in an incredible 25 out of 27 games.

Return to the present day and you’ll find that the Daughter of the Void has had nowhere near the same impact on the competitive meta in 2020, appearing in just 11% of games across the top four professional leagues so far this season. However, that may be about to change.

Patch 10.11 will hit League of Legends live servers on the morning of Thursday, 28 May, and it currently contains some substantial Kai’Sa buffs that are set to revitalize the champion and send her flying up the ADC tier list. While these buffs are still subject to change, they’ll no doubt have Kai’Sa mains excited for the triumphant return of their favorite champion to the bot lane over the coming weeks.

The Kai’Sa changes include huge Icathian Rain and Killer Instinct buffs.

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Currently, Kai’Sa suffers from the same ills of every AD carry champion in League of Legends. Not only is she extremely vulnerable at all stages of the game due to her small health pool and poor defensive stats, but she also cannot match the level of damage provided by some of the most oppressive champions of the Season 10 meta, including Darius, Diana, and Wukong. Though that may no longer be the case when her tentative Patch 10.11 buffs are confirmed.

Icathian Rain, an ability that already makes up a large chunk of Kai’Sa’s DPS, will see its AD ratio increase from 35% to 40% if the Patch 10.11 buffs remain the same. This will improve the bot laner’s damage output which has been relatively low recently when compared to the more meta ADCs like Aphelios, Miss Fortune, and Senna.

Combine this with her Killer Instinct range buff (+250 at rank 2, +500 at rank 3) that will allow her to catch fleeing enemies or enter a distant skirmish with ease and it’s clear that Kai’Sa will be in a much stronger state on Patch 10.11. That’s not even mentioning the +30 base health and +2 health growth buffs that every champion in the marksman class will be receiving next week.

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Kai’Sa’s dismal 47.31% win rate in solo queue will increase significantly as her laning phase survivability, mid game mobility, and late game DPS will all be improved if her Patch 10.11 buffs stick. While she may be one of the most divisive champions in League of Legends due to the slippery and overturned nature of her kit, Kai’Sa’s return to the bot lane will bring some much-needed variety to an otherwise stale Season 10 ADC meta.