TFT: The Five Biggest Changes Coming in the Mid Set Update

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s take a look at the five biggest changes that will come to TFT Galaxies in the mid-set update.

The long-teased mid-set update for TFT Galaxies has been officially announced and new details have been revealed. There are a bunch of huge changes coming to Teamfight Tactics when Patch 10.12 drops in a few weeks (including a ranked reset so get your games in Tacticians!), but five stood out as the biggest. You can find the full breakdown of changes here, but if you need to know the tl;dr of what to expect with the mid-set update, here are the five biggest changes coming.

1. Two Traits Gone, Three New Traits Coming

In the mid-set update we are going to see the removal of two existing traits from the TFT Galaxies, along with all their associated champions. Valkyries and Voids are disappearing into a black hole, taking with them Kayle, Miss Fortune, Kai’Sa, Vel’Koz, Cho’Gath, and Kha’Zix.

However, we will be getting two brand new traits – Astros and Battlecast – to replace the departed two, along with their own new roster of champions. The new Battlecast champions will include Illaoi, Nocturne, Kog’Maw, Cassiopeia, Viktor, and Urgot. The Astro champions will include Nautilus, Bard, Gnar, and Teemo.

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There will also be one additional new trait, Paragon, which will only include one champion, Janna. Stay tuned for our breakdown of all the new champions and how strong we think they will be soon!

2. Three Additional New Champions, Three More Going Away

In addition to these two straight trait swaps, Riot also revealed that three champions will be removed from TFT Galaxies during the mid-set update, though their base traits will be unchanged. Prepare to say goodbye to Sona, Kassadin, and Lux in Patch 10.12, but don’t get too sad.

In their place, three additional new champions will be joining the galaxy, though they won’t necessarily be one-to-one replacements for each champion (for instance, Kassadin is being removed and there is not a new Celestial coming to take his place). The three new champions are Zed, Vayne, and Riven, which means we will be getting a total of 14 new champions with the mid-set update and losing nine.

3. Galaxies are Going to Be Replaced

Riot has promised that new galaxies will be coming following the mid-set update, but now they will be coming at a cost. For each new galaxy Riot releases, another will be shelved permanently and taken out of the galaxy rotation. This means that we will likely be sticking with a seven galaxy rotation (plus the original vanilla) for the rest of the Set.

Riot will be removing Lilac Nebula in Patch 10.12 (the first galaxy ever released), but they won’t be replacing it with a new galaxy. In Patch 10.13, we will get a new galaxy, but will also lose another to the abyss (likely one of Medium Legends or the Neekoverse).

4. Big Item Changes

There are quite a few big item changes, but two stand out. First, Seraph’s Embrace is gone, to be replaced by a Summoner’s Rift favorite, Blue Buff (to go along with Red Buff). Blue Buff will basically act the same as Seraph’s (you’ll start with 20 mana after each spell cast).

Demolitionist’s Charge is also being replaced in the mid-set update, instead, the Spatula plus Needlessly Large Rod combo will produce Battlecast Armor, letting your champion join the new Battlecast trait.

Rapidfire Cannon is getting a revert of the Patch 9.19 change so all basic attacks cannot be dodged going forward. Finally, Infinity Edge will now grant 100% crit chance but will grant less damage.

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5. No Lost Re-sale Value

Right now in TFT, when you sell a 2-star copy of a 3-cost unit, you don’t get the full 9 gold you spent on those three copies of the unit back (you get 5g back). That will change going forward, as you will now gain the full value of the champions after you sell them back. This should encourage players to hoard multiple copies of powerful units, when possible since there’s no longer a huge risk of losing all your money when you combine copies.