TFT: Ranking all the New Units in the Mid Set Update

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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AstroNautilus, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s preview the 14 new units coming to TFT in the mid set update!

Once upon a time, we did a breakdown of all the revealed champions ahead of the Set 3 release. Now, with the mid set update announced, bringing 14 new units to Teamfight Tactics, it seems proper to rank these newcomers ahead of their arrival on the TFT Arena!

To that end, we’ll be grading each of the new TFT champs on the same four criteria we did ahead of Set 3. We’ll rate each of the new units on the strength of their origin and class (at least for how strong they were in the first half of Set 3), how good those two traits synergize together, and how impactful their ultimate ability will be. Without further ado, let’s check out the newest patch (shoutout to for supplying descriptions of each new champion’s ability).

Nocturne (1g)

Origin: Battlecast (4/5)
Class: Infiltrator (3/5)

Synergy: The extra initial attack speed from the Infiltrator buff should help Nocturne get up to that 10 attack/damage received break point quicker and let him pop his first instance of the Battlecast trait bonus (either the heal or AoE damage) faster. (4/5)

Ultimate (Unspeakable Horror): Nocturne terrifies his target, stunning them with fear for 2 seconds and dealing 200 damage over the duration or until Nocturne dies. (5/5)

Overall rating: 16/20

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Illaoi (1g)

Origin: Battlecast (4/5)
Class: Brawler (3/5)

Synergy: Brawlers want to be the damage soaking units in the front-line and the Battlecast trait rewards units that can take a bunch of damage to get the proc off. I’ve speculated Battlecast will be better on tankier members than damage-dealers, so Illaoi would fit the bill. (5/5)

Ultimate (Tentacle Smash): Illaoi slams a tentacle in a line in front of her, dealing 125 damage and stealing 15% Armor and Magic Regist from each target hit for 4 seconds. (5/5)

Overall rating: 17/20

Nautilus (2g)

Origin: Astro (3/5)
Class: Vanguard (2/5)

Synergy: Tankier champions (like Vanguards) generally do want to get their abilities off more often, so Astro isn’t terrible synergy. However, it definitely could be better. (3/5)

Ultimate (Impact Crater): Nautilus erupts the ground beneath his target, knocking them up and stunning them for 3/3.5/4 seconds, and dealing 100/200/400 magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the target are also knocked up and stunned for half the duration and dealt half the damage. (5/5)

Overall rating: 13/20