League of Legends Patch 10.11 Breakdown: ADCs receive a HUGE buff

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends Patch 10.11 delivers huge base stat buffs for ADCs

The official League of Legends Patch 10.11 notes have arrived. In this patch, ADCs are receiving a big boost intended to increase their power on the Rift and how much they can affect games. Alongside the marksman update, there are no fewer than 8 champion changes to breakdown as well as the introduction of reworked Volibear!

However, let’s start off with the biggest change of Patch 10.11: The marksman role. Every ADC champion, with the exception of Senna, has received a buff on Patch 10.11.

14 bot lane champions will see their base health increased by 30 and their health growth increased by 2 in an attempt to improve their survivability through all stages of the game, particularly the laning phase. 4 AD Carries (Kalista, Lucian, Tristana, Vayne) will miss out on those buffs and will instead receive scaling improvements as they’re already in a good spot across solo lanes.

As a result of these changes, the marksman role will be much stronger on Patch 10.11 and beyond as bot lane carries will find it far easier to survive and farm through the laning phase, purchasing key items, and roaming around the map safely.

Due to the fact that every ADC champion is receiving the same buff, keep an eye out for the bot laners with the highest win rate in the current meta to potentially take over games during the next few weeks.

Here’s the full Patch 10.11 breakdown:



"Passive – A Harmless ScarecrowTime Before Effigy Posing: 1 second -> 2 secondsQ – Terrify[New] Fiddlesticks’ abilities will now Terrify enemies if cast while he is posing as an effigy.W – Bountiful HarvestMinion Damage Reduction: 60% -> 40%"

Fiddlesticks’ 51.95% win rate in solo queue is clearly not high enough as the balance team look to further improve one of the strongest junglers of the current meta. From Patch 10.11 on, Fiddlesticks will take 2 seconds to pose as an effigy and can then Terrify enemies with abilities from that stance, a nice QoL buff.

Bountiful Harvest’s minion damage reduction has also been buffed meaning the Scarecrow can clear out waves and tax laners with more ease, improving his gold income and experience gain. This also aids solo lane Fiddle players who will have no doubt been finding it hard to farm with 60% minion damage reduction prior to this patch.


"Base StatsAttack Speed: 0.658 -> 0.690"

Gangplank is receiving a small increase in his base attack speed which should allow him to farm waves slightly faster and work his Powder Kegs into trades with more ease. Due to the percentage AS increase of Trinity Force and Zeal items, this will substantially improve Gangplank’s item spikes and late game damage.


"Q – End of the LineFirst Shot Damage Ratio: 1.0 bonus AD -> 0.8 bonus AD"

With a 51.37% win rate and 37.6% ban rate, it’s no surprise that the balance team have taken aim at Graves in Patch 10.11. The jungler will see his End of the Line first shot damage ratio reduced from 1.0 bonus AD to 0.8 bonus AD which will decrease Graves’ overall damage output significantly and see him fall below a 51% win rate.


"Q – RampageBase Damage: 55/95/135/175/215 -> 60/102/144/186/228Minion Damage Reduction: 33.3% -> 40%"

Any increase in damage for such a spam-able ability like Hecarim’s Rampage is going to have a big impact, and this buff is no different. Although his wave clear has taken a hit, the Shadow of War will have vastly improved DPS during the early stages as a result of this change and he could be ready to re-establish himself in the jungle meta.

Here is an article with a full breakdown of the potential impact of this change: Hecarim is set to dominate after Patch 10.11 buff.


"W – ZephyrBase Damage: 55/90/125/160/195 -> 55/85/115/145/175"

Following the rise of enchanter supports over the last few weeks, Janna has found herself comfortably in the S tier with a remarkable 52.25% win rate. The Storm’s Fury offers excellent peel, shields, and buffs for her carry, while also dealing strong poke damage during the laning phase.

On Patch 10.11, that poke damage is going to take a small hit as Zephyr will lose 20 base damage at max rank, forcing Janna to rely on her bot lane partner for poke more often. While this is certainly a positive change, a 20 damage reduction won’t be the end of the world for Janna players and she should remain a viable option following the change.


"Q – Icathian RainDamage Ratio: 0.35 bonus AD -> 0.4 bonus ADR – Killer InstinctRange: 1500/2000/2500 -> 1500/2250/3000"

Many would argue that Kai’Sa doesn’t necessarily need heavy buffs just months after she finally left the S tier of bot lane, but her player base suffering from a dismal 47.25% win rate would beg to differ. After Patch 10.11, the Daughter of the Void will benefit from increased damage output on Icathian Rain and a greater gap closer from Killer Instinct.

Here is an article with a full breakdown of the potential impact of these changes: Kai’Sa will be Supercharged after Patch 10.11 buffs.


"E – Lucent SingularitySlow Linger: 0.25 seconds -> 1 second"

Often players will completely disregard Lux’s mini, 0.25 second slow, and worry more about the incoming damage from Lucent Singularity. They’ll have to be more vigilant from here on though as the slow duration has increased to 1 second and could become a key crowd control/zoning tool in the near future.

Here is an article with a full breakdown of the potential impact of this change: Lux will be an S tier mid laner after Patch 10.11 buff.


"E – Scatter the WeakCooldown: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds -> 18/17/16/15/14 seconds"

Whether it be in the mid lane or bot lane, Syndra is an incredibly safe pick thanks to her low cooldown disengage tool, Scatter the Weak. However, she’ll be a tad more vulnerable once Patch 10.11 hits live servers as her E cooldown is increased by 2 seconds early on, opening up opportunities to gank/all-in the champion.


"Q – Noxian DiplomacyCost: 30 mana -> 40 manaHeal: 20-71 (based on level) -> 10-70 (based on level)"

Talon continues to dominate the mid lane meta in solo queue boasting an incredible 52.84% win rate on Patch 10.10. To remedy this, the balance team are cutting his early game sustain down and forcing him to play safer during the laning phase before picking up key items.

Therefore, the Blade’s Shadow will be much more vulnerable in the first fifteen minutes and could be an easy target for ganks after being whittled down by poke from his mid lane opponent. Don’t expect him to disappear, but don’t expect him to maintain a 52%+ win rate either.


The reworked Volibear will be added to League of Legends live servers at some point during Patch 10.11. Here’s why we think the Relentless Storm will be a menace in pro play during the Summer Split.

Marksman Changes

Aphelios, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

Base Health Buffs


"Base StatsHealth: 500 -> 530Health Growth: 86 -> 88"


"Base StatsHealth: 539 -> 570Health Growth: 85 -> 87"


"Base StatsHealth: 481 -> 510Health Growth: 91 -> 93"


"Base StatsHealth: 574 -> 605Health Growth: 88 -> 90"


"Base StatsHealth: 500 -> 530Health Growth: 86 -> 88"


"Base StatsHealth: 556 -> 585Health Growth: 91 -> 93"


"Base StatsHealth: 581 -> 611Health Growth: 84 -> 86"


"Base StatsHealth: 571 -> 601Health Growth: 86 -> 88"


"Base StatsHealth: 534 -> 564Health Growth: 88 -> 90"

Miss Fortune

"Base StatsHealth: 541 -> 571Health Growth: 91 -> 93"


"Base StatsHealth: 532 -> 562Health Growth: 88 -> 90"


"Base StatsHealth: 582 -> 612Health Growth: 84 -> 86"


"Base StatsHealth: 500 -> 530Health Growth: 89 -> 91"


"Base StatsHealth: 561 -> 591Health Growth: 86 -> 88"

Scaling Buffs


"W – SentinelCost: 20 mana -> 0 manaSoul-Marked Damage: 10/12/14/16/18% target’s max health -> 14/15/16/17/18% target’s max health"

Although the sub-heading says “scaling buffs”, this is less of a late game targeted change and more of an all-round change as Kalista will benefit from increased Sentinel max health damage through all stages of the game (until level 18).

Now, when Kalista and her bonded ally proc the Sentinel Soul-Mark, they’ll deal 14% of the target’s maximum health in damage, rather than the previous 10%, a huge increase. As a result, we can expect to see Kalista and her bot lane partner dominate some 2v2 matchups with aggressive fighting during the laning phase on Patch 10.11 and beyond.


"Passive – LightslingerSecond Shot Critical Strike Damage: 75% -> 100%"

Considering how often Lucian triggers Lightslinger, especially in late game team fights, this buff has the potential to be huge for the ADC. Rather than just dealing 75% damage on a second shot crit, Lucian will now deal the full 100%, greatly increasing his overall DPS and offering a route back into the bot lane meta for the Purifier.


"Base StatsAttack Speed: 0.656 -> 0.679"

It may look small, but this base attack speed buff could have huge implications for Tristana’s damage output, particularly after adding two Zeal items to her inventory.

Despite the fact that the Yordle Gunner is supposed to be one of the strongest scaling champions in League of Legends, she’s currently struggling to have an impact on games with a below-par 49.98% win rate on Patch 10.10. That may be set to change though as she can now output huge damage in late game team fights and could once again become a reliable win condition for her solo queue teams.


"Q – TumbleDamage Ratio: 50/55/60/65/70% total AD -> 60/65/70/75/80% total AD"

Scaling ADCs have taken a hit as a result of the shortening of average game times and the increased focus on early objectives, so Vayne players will undoubtedly welcome this small compensation buff.

Tumble’s damage ratio has been increased by 10% at all ranks up to a maximum of 80% which will massively improve Vayne’s late game scaling. As the Night Hunter adds attack damage items to her inventory, her DPS from Tumble auto attacks will see a huge increase from Patch 10.11 onwards, possibly allowing her to further increase an already solid 51.17% win rate.

Item Buffs

"ZealMovement Speed: 5% -> 7%Rapid Firecannon, Phantom Dancer, Statikk ShivMovement Speed: 5% – 7%Runaan’s HurricaneMovement Speed: 7% -> 9%"

To give the marksman update some extra “oomph”, the balance team have increased Zeal’s movement speed from 5% to 7% (as well as the completed items stemming from Zeal). With this increased mobility, vulnerable AD Carries will have a touch more mobility in order to escape from oncoming assassins and bruisers or dodge key crowd control abilities.

This also ties in well with Gangplank’s Patch 10.11 buff which could see the top laner climb up the tier list over the next few weeks.

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Patch 10.11 will be added to League of Legends live servers on the morning of Thursday, 28 May. Check out the League of Legends server status page for maintenance times and updates.