League of Legends: Lux will be an S tier mid laner after Patch 10.11 buff

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Lux is set to rise to the mid lane S tier after her Patch 10.11 buff lands

Years spent in the viable champion pool, a huge player base, and endless skin releases, but despite all this, Lux has failed to make an impact on the mid lane meta over the 10 seasons of League of Legends. She currently sits at a middling 49.12% win rate in solo queue, but that’s all set to finally change once her Patch 10.11 buff is confirmed.

According to Riot Scruffy’s Patch 10.11 preview, Lux will be receiving a buff for her E – Lucent Singularity which could see her rise up the mid lane tier list over the coming weeks. The buff is subject to changes between now and the release of the official patch notes, but if it remains the same, Lux’s E will slow her enemies for 1 second on detonation, up from its current 0.25 seconds.

Currently, Lucent Singularity slows enemies in its area of effect for 25-45%, lingering for 0.25 seconds after the enemies leave the area. From Patch 10.11 onwards, this slow could linger for 1 second if enemies are in the area when the ability is detonated (second E cast), which could have a huge impact on Lux’s presence and priority in the current mid lane meta.

Lucent Singularity could become an overpowered zoning tool on Patch 10.11

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This buff will have a positive effect on all stages of the game for Lux players, starting with the laning phase. During the early game, ganks will be made far easier as Lux can slow her lane opponent for up to 45% by simply landing Lucent Singularity, which is near impossible to dodge without tier 2 boots. As a result, Lux can follow up with a Light Binding on her slowed target, allowing both her and her jungler to pick up an easy kill or blown Summoner Spell.

In terms of the mid game, Lux is already an accomplished champion at zoning off enemy teams around major objectives, and this aspect of her kit will be even stronger after Patch 10.11. Around the dragon pit, the Lady of Luminosity can position Lucent Singularity around either entrance to the river, preventing her opponents from approaching the epic monster and securing it for her team.

Primarily, Lucent Singularity is used as a damage tool, combining with Final Spark to instantly reduce the health bar of enemy squishies to shreds. However, as a result of the Patch 10.11 buff, it could become a more useful zoning tool as opponents dare not step into its area of effect. This is especially the case during late game team fights as Lux can simply throw out her E towards the enemy backline and cast it instantly for a potentially lethal 45%, 1 second slow.

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If this Patch 10.11 buff for Lux remains, she’ll certainly have no trouble climbing the mid lane tier list and settling in the S or A tier in the next few weeks. Slowing a target by 45% for 1 second is incredible, especially on such a low cooldown ability like Lucent Singularity. Perhaps 2020 is finally the year Lux makes her mark on the mid lane meta and becomes a staple of pro play.