Volibear: Why the Thousand Pierced Skin is His Best Skin Yet

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With Volibear’s rework live, players are finally getting their hands on his newest skin, Thousand Pierced Volibear.

It’s rare that League of Legends players get a brand new skin with a champion rework, much less a free one. With the release of Volibear’s rework yesterday, fans were also treated to his newest skin, Thousand Pierced Volibear. And honestly, for a free skin, this may be one of his best.

For a bit of background, Thousand Pierced Volibear is based on some preliminary concept art that Riot revealed way back when the rework was initially teased. Riot noted that the original concept was for an Eldritch horror-type theme for Voli. After some initial testing, Riot went back to the drawing board and brought his updated kit closer to the thunder god theme players were accustomed to from his pre-rework kit.

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That said, players were understandably excited at this creepy, hulking demon bear concept that they saw, with many sad to see it going away before it even arrived. As a result, Riot compromised to let the Eldritch-theme live on with a skin honoring the concept. In the concept reveal, which included a lot of artwork, Riot confirmed that this skin, which we now know as Thousand Pierced Volibear, would be available on release for free.

Thousand Pierced Volibear was teased to players as a “terrifying entity…a monster whose back is studded with the swords of lesser men. And I’m happy to say that, after a few games of trying out Voli, this skin lives up to that theme.

Volibear’s skull is gnarled with antlers and spikes growing out of his head and shoulders. On his back, you can see the aforementioned swords, which glow bright in some of his animations to show his ramping power.

In this skin, his lighting strikes arc purple as his hands glow, showing the demonic power he wields. When he charges on all fours, you can see the swords on his back clearly and they glow clearly after he uses abilities. However, the magic is really when you see his ult.

Volibear doubles in size, slamming into the ground like a hulking monster as all the swords and spikes glow with power. The purple crater formed under his character is filled with that demonic power and when he has the shield on him from his E, he seems unstoppable.

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Although the skin doesn’t give Voli any new or unique animations, it does amp those in his kit up to 10. This skin, especially for the low price of nothing, is definitely worth picking up and using.

To claim this new skin, all you have to do is own Volibear or purchase him during Patch 10.11. You do not need to spend RP, the skin will be given to you automatically once you own Volibear.