League of Legends: How to Claim Drops from Watching Pro Play

LCS Studios. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
LCS Studios. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games) /

Riot announced that they are launching a new product, Drops, that will unlock rewards for players who watch professional League of Legends games.

Fans of professional League of Legends are getting some more incentives to binge their favorite pro teams and leagues when the Summer Split kicks off! Riot announced that fans who are actively watching the official broadcast will have the opportunity to claim Drops, digital rewards for epic moments in LCS and LEC matches!

These Drops will become available beginning in Week 3 of the 2020 Summer Split for both leagues, but players in any region on any server will be able to claim these rewards. Drops will become available during specific epic moments during a game including Baron steals, Pentakills, or series going to a fifth game. Not all of these moments will trigger a Drop, but some will.

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How do You Claim the Drops?

First, you’ll need to be logged in and watching on watch.lolesports.com for these opportunities to trigger. You’ll also need to have your League of Legends account tied to the account you’re logged into so that you can claim the Drops.

Next, you’ll have to be watching for one of those epic, in-game moments. When an Elder Dragon steal happens, a notification might appear on screen. This will let you claim the Drop just by clicking on it, but don’t fret if you were in the bathroom and missed it! You can visit the Drop page on watch.lolesports.com anytime afterward to claim it.

That being said, you have to be watching the match live in order to claim the Drop. If you’re going back and watching the VOD the next day, unfortunately, you will have missed out on those rewards.

What Rewards Can You Get from Drops?

In the announcement, Riot stated that rewards will include in-game unlockables for League of Legends like skin shards, chromas, Prestige Points, and Clash tickets. Though not explicitly mentioned, I would guess that things like Blue/Orange Essence, event orbs, champion shards, and maybe even chests or keys could be in Drops too.

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Riot also alluded to “third party rewards” that might be available, so I’m interested to see what kinds of incentives their corporate sponsors could have. Maybe Kit Kat will let everyone download a code for a free bar during the next break in the LEC broadcast, or Honda will let us get a free car! Okay, maybe that last one is a little wishful thinking.