League of Legends: New Pool Party Trailer Teases Five New Skins

League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends will see additions to the Pool Party line in 2020.

Summer is rapidly approaching and it’s time for some fun in the sun and on the Rift. To help celebrate Summer, the Pool Party skin line in League of Legends is getting some new additions. A trailer has been launched teasing what looks to be six new skins added to the line. Let’s dive a little deeper into which skins could possibly be added to the line based on the trailer and some overall thoughts on the new additions.

The trailer is fairly simple, five sets of legs laying around on the beach. The mystery champions have their feet either in the water or around the edge of it.

In the water, there are a couple of pool toys and a volleyball as well as a lost sandal. I think the items pool might be clues as to which champions are getting new skins in the pool party line.

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The first skin I want to say is coming is a Pool Party Orianna. Her robot legs are fairly obvious on the far left end of the trailer. Her ball could also be the beach ball in the pool.

The only other pair of robot legs I could think of would be Camille, but the socket for sure looks like Orianna’s. There also aren’t the signature blade legs that Camille sports.

Next to the robot legs is almost like a trident or a spear tip. This one at first glance had me drawing a blank as to who it could be. Then at second glance I thought maybe Fizz since it’s a trident, but it’s too big of a weapon to belong to Fizz.

So my guess for the second new Pool Party skin is Jarvan IV. That umbrella/ spear/flag absolutely looks like something he would carry into battle. I think this would be a cool idea and a fun skin for Jarvan. Maybe he’ll splash down an inflatable pool when he ults!

The third skin could be a couple different choices. At first glance, the anklet seems to match with Qiyana, but the skin tone on the skin is lighter than Qiayana’ s which might mean it isn’t hers. The volleyball and skirt that surround the legs are purple, which could lead to it being a Syndra skin as well.

Either one would be cool, but I think with Syndra not getting a new skin in a while I hope it goes to her instead. Though there are also discussions it’s a Lux skin, which is just what everybody wants.

The fourth set of legs also seems to be an interesting clue. Based on the swim trunks and short size it’s probably going to be a male Yordle character.

I think Corki, Fizz, Kennen, Heimerdinger, or long-shot pick Amumu would be natural fits here. Corki I think fits because of the dinosaur looking squirt gun contraption in the middle of the pool. He might be able to ride that around and spray water like a sprinkler for his Gatling Gun ability.

The case for Pool Party Heimerdinger would be similar to Corki. The dinosaur squirt guns look like turret modifications. It would be another silly skin for him after receiving a Dragon Tamer skin and I’d like that a lot.

Though the weapon looks to be almost hand-held, which is why I was kind of thinking Fizz. It might be a long shot as its not a trident, but who knows with as it may be something visually different. Thought I also think it might be Fizz as there is a whale pool toy next to the robot legs that I feel could easily be for his ultimate. Cute little whale and then oops, crunch, gray screen.

Kennen falls into the category of could use a more recent skin. I also think with the blue color scheme of the trunks it isn’t too far off from Kennan’s purple and blue lighting colors.

Amumu might just be a personal wish, but I feel it would be a lot of fun. Where else would be better to make friends than at the beach? Plus the sand of the beach means a mummy would fit right in.

The final skin is probably the one we have the most solid idea about, but probably the one I’m most excited about. That’s the Pool Party Taliyah we heard was coming before.

I’m looking forward to surfing on some rocks in a different theme and color scheme other than winter and blue and white. This is going to be my first purchase when the new skins drop for sure.

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I’m really excited for this line to have new additions, as it’s probably one of my favorite skin lines. I just wonder how many of my predictions will be right and how many skins will be added to the Pool Party line in 2020?