LCS Summer 2020: The Official Friday Night League Drinking Game

LCS Studios. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)
LCS Studios. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games) /

We give the rules for a drinking game to improve the viewing experience of Friday Night League.

Recently, the LCS production has come under some fire, with many viewers saying that the broadcasts feel scripted and are lacking in interesting content. While we can’t create new segments for the show, we can at least create ways to make watching the broadcasts more enjoyable. With that, we’re introducing the rules for the Friday Night League drinking game.

LCS Commissioner Chris Greeley said in the past that the Friday Night League broadcast is meant to be a more relaxed broadcast, which is why in their inaugural broadcast they featured content with Sushidragon (that was met with mixed results). Since the broadcast runs until about 11 PM EST on Friday night (8 PM PST), this would be an ideal opportunity for fans to pregame while watching their favorite LCS teams play.

And, of course, this guide assumes that participants are of legal drinking age and please do not participate if you are planning to drive. If you are underage or the designated driver for the night, you play and drink water instead of alcohol. And actually, that’s probably the best advice for everyone, since we should all drink more water. Anyway, here are the rules:

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Take one sip when…

  • Anytime the name of the show (“Friday Night League”) is said.
  • A player is killed (either team). Drink twice if the player who died is on your favorite team.
  • A team takes any Elemental Dragon, Rift Herald, outer tower, or inner tower.
  • Any player flashes an emote (once per emote).
  • Anyone mentions a Dignitas Baron throw.
  • Anyone says “scaling” or “out-scales.”
  • Anyone mentions a “win-condition.”
  • Anytime a retired player is mentioned (this counts if they are a current coach for a team).
  • Jatt is mentioned. Drink twice if it’s not during a Team Liquid game.
  • Any player is mentioned during a game they are not playing in. Drink twice if it’s Doublelift or Bjergsen.
  • There’s a reference to a piece of LCS-produced content (for instance, “This or That”).
  • Immortals is referenced as being French.
  • 100 Thieves merch is referenced.
  • Any of the team owners are mentioned.
  • TreeQuest or SeaQuest are mentioned. Drink twice if FlyQuest is not playing in the game.
  • A sponsor is referenced (for instance, calling an Ace a “Bud Light Ace”).
  • The LCS script is mentioned.
  • Anytime NA’s performance internationally is referenced.

Take five sips when…

  • First Blood or First Brick are taken.
  • A team takes an Inhibitor, Elder Dragon, or Baron Nashor.
  • Phreak makes a pun. Ten sips if any of his co-casters or the audience audibly groans.
  • CaptainFlowers starts talking so fast Twitch chat references Rap God.
  • Azael is referred to as “literally a World Champion.”
  • Someone compliment’s Dash’s hair.
  • The outcome of a game went against what the majority of the analysts predicted.
  • A player fail-flashes.
  • A player flashes the emote for the opposing team.
  • Any caster laughs at a player’s misplay.
  • You hear a TSM chant during a game they’re not playing in. Ten sips if the TSM chant is drowned out by another team’s chant.
  • CLG is mentioned during a game they’re not playing in.
  • A “200 years” joke is made. Ten sips if it’s made about a champion that isn’t Aphelios, Zoe, or Yuumi.
  • Any content from Ovilee is shown.
  • TL Blue is shown.
  • The Jiizuke flamethrower video is referenced.
  • “Cat for Kobe” is mentioned.
  • Anyone mentions Tanner Time.
  • Anyone calls him “the Notorious P.O.B.”
  • Anyone mentions the “Live Evil” slogan.

Finish your drink when…

  • A team takes the Inhibitor Tower but does not take the Inhibitor itself.
  • A team has an Elemental Dragon or Rift Herald stolen from it.
  • A player gets a Pentakill.
  • The analysts all predicted one team to win and the outcome was the opposite.
  • Someone insults Dash’s hair (also, how dare they?).
  • A moment from a past Worlds failure is shown or referenced (for instance, Doublelift flashing into Crown’s Viktor).
  • A player flashes the emote for his former team while playing them.
  • A team throws at Baron.
  • Silver Scrapes plays.

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Take a shot when…

  • A player has a Pentakill stolen by a teammate.
  • A player BMs and gets killed as a result.
  • A team steals Elder Soul or Baron Nashor. Take two shots if it’s stolen by a player other than the jungler. Take five if it’s stolen by the support.
  • One player “Flame horizons” his lane opponent (has over a 100 CS lead). Take two shots if it’s the jungler.
  • A player flashes the emote for a team that is not currently playing (this includes teams from other leagues).
  • The team that threw at Baron is Dignitas.
  • Any time Renegades or Montecristo are mentioned.
  • Any caster sings, hums, or whistles Silver Scrapes.
  • A support or a tank gets a Pentakill.