League of Legends: The Best and Worst Fathers in LoL Lore

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

On Father’s Day, we celebrate the best fathers in Runeterra and recognize the children who needed a lot more hugs.

As today is Father’s Day, we take the time to thank and appreciate our own dads, biological or not. In League of Legends lore, there are plenty of champions that are, themselves, dads. There are also a lot of champions whose relationships with their dad – good and bad – helped to mold them into the characters we love today.

In celebration of the occasion, let’s look at some of the best dads in the lore of League of Legends but also examine some that shouldn’t be expecting a card today.

Worst Dads

5. Gregori (Annie’s Father)

The cinematic Annie: Origins paints a fairly rosy picture of Annie’s dad, but the lore is quite a bit less forgiving. According to the lore, Gregori basically turned a blind eye to his second wife’s mistreatment of Annie. Spoiler alert: that didn’t work out too well for him or his wife.

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4. Brand’s Father

Kegan Rodhe, the man who would become the creature Brand, and his mother were cast out of the Freljord because his father was a member of an enemy clan. That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world except for the fact that daddy abandoned the pair to wander the frozen tundra until Brand’s mother died and he was consumed by dark magic. Very uncool bro.

3. Qiyana’s Father

He never encouraged his daughter’s obvious gifts in the elemental arts and denied her the right to become her parent’s successor as ruler of Ixaocan after defeating her oldest sister in combat. Then, they had their daughter imprisoned when she acted out and killed foreign miners. Maybe she wouldn’t have had to lash out if you’d shown her a little more attention in those formative years?

2. Sett’s Father

After years of providing for his family through winning in the fighting pits, Sett’s father one day vanished from Ionia. It was only years later that Sett learned the terrible truth that his dad had abandoned his family, seeking glory and profit in tours across Runeterra. Don’t expect there will be a great reunion, considering Sett is hoping he’ll get the chance to beat up his dad one day for deserting them.

1. Marcus Du Couteau (Father of Katarina and Cassiopeia)

It’s bad enough that this guy had a clear favorite daughter (Katarina), but then when said prized child defied him one time he basically exiled her, set an assassin (Talon) to kill her, and then didn’t accept her plea to come back when she made amends for her mistake. While Katarina works to redeem herself, Marcus raised others simply to spite her. I knew Noxians were cold but damn man.

Best Dads

5. Viktor

We’ll give Viktor credit for finding the abandoned iron golem and bringing it to life, acting as its father in a sense. Of course, much like Frankenstein and his monster Blitzcrank turned out to be a rampaging monster. But, hey, no one’s perfect.

4. Ezreal’s Father

The man who shared his interesting expeditions whenever he returned to Piltover, this unnamed father inspired his son to become the Prodigal Explorer. When he eventually didn’t come back, it set young Ezreal on a quest to find his parents and claim glory for himself.

3. Jarvan III (Jarvan IV’s Father)

A great father and a great king who always encouraged his son’s fighting and military mind. That said, he could have been a bit more open-minded when his son came back to Demacia with a fine half-dragon lady who saved his life.

2. Corin Reveck (Orianna’s Father)

A bit overprotective, never letting his daughter venture out into the world alone, when she was poisoned by sneaking into Zaun he worked tirelessly to keep her alive by replacing damaged organs with hextech contraptions. Clearly, he was right to protect her, but he also helped make her into the woman she is now (both literally and metaphorically).

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1. Ivern Bramblefoot

This guy is literally known as the Father of the Forest (aka the Green Father) whose sworn mission in life is to protect the creatures of the forest. Ivern believes all the creatures of the forest are precious, always offering a helping hand to every wolf, raptor, and brambleback he can find. Unconditional love is true father of the year material among League of Legends champions.