LCS Summer 2020: The Rise and Dominance of the Twisted Fate Meta

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s look at why Twisted Fate has dominated the LCS in the Summer Split.

In the first two weeks of the LCS, Twisted Fate has asserted himself as one of the best mid lane champions in the game. Through two weeks, he’s been picked in seven games, winning five of those games, while being banned in three others. This gives the Card Master a 50% pick/ban presence in LCS matches.

Most pros choose to take Flash and Ghost on him, along with Unsealed Spellbook, a keystone that allows Twisted Fate to access many different summoner spells, as he benefits from a great number of them. All of the North American professionals have leaned towards a more AP-centric build on the champion, prioritizing items such as Rod of Ages and Lich Bane to try to lock down and one-shot enemy carries.

Over in Europe, Fnatic mid laner Nemesis has repeatedly opted for an on-hit build, with Trinity Force and Nashor’s Tooth being core items. He’s found success with this build in the past, but almost the rest of the world is building a more traditional route, as it’s much harder to pull off the on-hit style.

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In the current mid-lane meta, there aren’t lots of available counters to Twisted Fate. Traditional solo queue counters include Yasuo and Fizz, but as they haven’t been picked up by many pro mid laners. This gives TF free reign over the mid lane, facing control mages such as Orianna, Azir, Zoe, and Cassiopeia. At level 6, he out-rotates every other mid laner with his R – Destiny, then applies his gold card to stun enemies for easy kills.

With an easy laning phase and transition to the mid-game, there are no weak spots in Twisted Fate’s kit. He can use his red card for wave clear, his blue card for sustain, and his yellow card for setting up ganks or zoning enemy carries in fights for objectives.

Perhaps his worst attribute is his lack of mobility, but with the recent buffs to Ghost, his prior weaknesses have diminished, allowing the card master to safely avoid ganks.

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With Twisted Fate’s ability to snowball leads with his ultimate, along with playing almost every lane match up evenly and scaling into the late game, TF has shown himself to be one of the best champions in the LCS.