League of Legends: How to Mute and Report Players in Champion Select

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

A much-requested feature, the ability to mute and report players in champion select, is live in League of Legends.

Riot teased that the ability to mute and report players in champion select of your next League of Legends game would be coming in Patch 10.13 for a test run. As of today, that test run is now live, with players able to mute and report problematic players before they even enter a game of League of Legends.

To do so, you simply need to hover your cursor over the name of the player in champion select that you wish to either mute or report. When you have done this, you’ll see their name fade out and be replaced with the two symbols for mute and report.

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Created by Josh Tyler.
Created by Josh Tyler. /

As of right now, there is no way to mute every player immediately like the /muteall function that many players instantly type when they load into a League of Legends game, so you’ll have to mute each teammate individually. This is probably intentional, as Riot wants you to only use the mute function in champion select to mute problematic and toxic players. However, it does appear that the mute carries over into the game.

When you click the report icon (the red exclamation point), you’ll see that you can report players for one of four categories. One of the report categories – Verbal Abuse – is the same category that you can report players for in the post-game lobby. I assume it would be used for players who are flaming, raging, and using racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual slurs.

Created by Josh Tyler.
Created by Josh Tyler. /

The next two report categories appear to be unique to the champion select report system. Refusing to Play Position is a category that would likely apply when a player plays a role other than the one they were assigned without agreeing to switch with the other player. If you’re a duo and switching roles, I might suggest you call it out to the lobby so no one mistakenly reports you.

Griefing/Hostage Taking is another new report category that is meant to punish players who threaten to feed if they don’t get their desired role or champion. You can use this is you see someone lock in the infamous Disco Nunu, but there is probably going to be a lot of debate as to what qualifies as “griefing” in champion select.

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The last category is actually a removed report category from the post-game system. Unskilled play is back and…I have no idea why this is even here. Riot said in the past that this category was basically used as a placebo because it didn’t actually generate reports, but I don’t know who would even be so angry to report someone for unskilled before the game even begins. Maybe players in high Diamond and above who run into the same players over and over, but they must know that this report does nothing.