League of Legends: 5 Best Top Laners on Patch 10.13

Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Legends of Runeterra. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best top laners in League of Legends on Patch 10.13

Top lane is often the forgotten role in League of Legends. Cast aside and left to 1v1 until the game is decided elsewhere on the Rift, even the very best top laners often find it hard to make an impact in solo queue.

Nevertheless, you can still climb from the top lane on Patch 10.13 by using one of these 5 champions. Focus, be disciplined, win your lane match-up, and spread your lead across the map with these snowball-heavy bruisers.

Here are the 5 best top laners on Patch 10.13:

5) Jax

50.41% Win Rate | 8.9% Pick Rate | 9.5% Ban Rate

In terms of scaling and ruling the Rift in the late game, no top laner offers more than Jax. Accomplished at both split pushing and diving the enemy backline, the Grandmaster At Arms is the perfect champion for top laners who want to take the game into their own hands, refusing to rely on teammates.

Piloting Jax is about patience throughout the game, rather than brute force to force a lead. Utilize Counter Strike in lane to stay alive and build a gold lead before relentlessly split pushing in the late game. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a champion that can win a 1v1 against Jax after the 30-minute mark.

4) Fiora

50.20% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 10.5% Ban Rate

For those who like to duel their lane opponent and bring huge outplay potential to the Rift, maybe Fiora is the right choice. While many people choose to focus on Riposte as the outplay device, it is instead the ability to proc Duelist’s Dance during the laning phase that separates the best Fiora players from the rest.

Similar to Jax, Fiora offers more as the game goes on. Be patient during the laning phase, using Riposte to avoid potentially lethal crowd control, before taking over the game in team fights and side lanes with a few items under your belt.

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3) Volibear

50.63% Win Rate | 9.8% Pick Rate | 22.4% Ban Rate

Volibear is yet another successful rework from the League of Legends champion design team as they have brought new life to a character that lacked… character before his Patch 10.11 relaunch. Now, not only is he a threatening champion lore-wise and in his visual effects, but he is also a huge threat in solo queue and pro play.

Although it will take you a few games to become accustomed to Voli’s new kit, once you’ve got the hang of things you can easily take over team fights with his defensive stats and devastating Passive – The Relentless Storm. Landing Sky Splitter on multiple enemy champions could decide a team fight on its own.

2) Wukong

52.24% Win Rate | 8.0% Pick Rate | 12.7% Ban Rate

Speaking of reworks, Wukong’s has also been a huge success. The Monkey King has been a staple of the top lane meta since his mini-rework on Patch 10.6 and he continues to be a presence on Patch 10.13.

Obviously, Wukong’s double Cyclone is the highlight of his kit, but his true power comes from his early game damage from Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow. If it wasn’t obvious by the fact that he’s been played as a support in pro play recently, Wukong doesn’t need many items to deal huge damage and have a massive impact on team fights.

1) Darius

50.29% Win Rate | 9.2% Pick Rate | 46.0% Ban Rate

For what seems like the 100th patch in a row, Darius tops the charts in terms of top laners for win rate, pick rate, and ban rate. If his 46.0% ban rate wasn’t enough of a tell of how oppressive the Hand of Noxus is in the current meta, just consider the fact that he also has a positive win rate against strong top lane counterparts, Aatrox, Renekton, and Volibear.

Darius is strong for a combination of reasons, the main ones being the incredible healing on Decimate, the easy gank set up from Apprehend, and the team fight domination provided by Noxian Guillotine.

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Which top laner do you think is strongest on Patch 10.13? Which top laners would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.14?