League of Legends: 5 Best Junglers on Patch 10.13

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best junglers in League of Legends on Patch 10.13

Jungling is all about farming, ganking, and tracking your opposite number. The best junglers in League of Legends find the perfect balance between those three to control games and dictate the tempo through the early game.

On Patch 10.13, the jungle role is dominated by champions that excel in power farming and taking over the Rift during the mid game. The key to dominating games with these five junglers is to farm until a complete jungle item, then look to impact the map positively through ganks and skirmishes around key objectives.

Here are the 5 best junglers on Patch 10.13:

5) Evelynn

51.07% Win Rate | 5.0% Pick Rate | 14.3% Ban Rate

Evelynn’s Hate Spike is one of the best power farming tools in League of Legends, especially against AoE camps like Raptors and Wolves. Due to this, the Agony’s Embrace can rapidly reach level 6 and grab a Runic Echoes in order to blow up enemy squishies and snowball an early lead.

To maximize Evelynn’s strength during ganks, cast Allure and walk up to the enemy, closing the gap as much as possible before throwing out a Hate Spike. By doing this, you are more likely to bait out a Summoner Spell which you can then use to land your Hate Spike with ease.

4) Kayn

50.76% Win Rate | 13.7% Pick Rate | 15.8% Ban Rate

Since his Patch 10.9 changes, Kayn has gone from strength to strength and transformed from an underwhelming, underpowered jungler into one of the most annoying enemies to face on the Rift. The Shadow Reaper cuts down jungle camps without a moment’s notice during the early game thanks to the AoE damage from Reaping Slash and Blade’s Reach.

While it’s advised to be patient and wait until your transformation before making aggressive moves, if your lane matchups are doing well and have priority, you can force a duel with the enemy jungler around Scuttle Crabs with relative safety.

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3) Volibear

53.00% Win Rate | 6.9% Pick Rate | 22.4% Ban Rate

With an excellent win rate in both top lane and jungle, Volibear has become one of the most fearsome opponents in League of Legends since his recent rework. The Relentless Storm combines strong defensive stats with a deadly damage output from his passive to dominate team fights.

The secret to mastering Volibear is utilizing his ultimate, Stormbringer, to dodge key crowd control and land on top of the enemy backline, while also landing Sky Splitter on multiple opponents for huge damage and an immense shield.

2) Fiddlesticks

51.43% Win Rate | 6.5% Pick Rate | 23.5% Ban Rate

Fiddlesticks is yet another successful rework from the League of Legends champion design team. A few months ago, Fiddlesticks was nothing more than a ‘troll’ pick, only seen in the support role as a provider of an instant fear. Now, the instant fear remains, but the Ancient Fear also offers huge damage output in team fights with Crowstorm.

Nowadays, there’s very little to Fiddlesticks’ kit that is hard to master. Simply press R from fog of war to lock down enemies and blow them up with massive burst damage. The only huge difference between expert Fiddles and novice Fiddles is their ability to work in Reaps during skirmishes in order to increase overall DPS.

1) Graves

51.20% Win Rate | 13.9% Pick Rate | 26.7% Ban Rate

Graves is back, much to everyone’s disappointment and dismay. The armor stacking, mobile, marksman jungler that single-handedly carries games has made a triumphant return to the jungle role and boasts one of the highest win rates on Patch 10.13. The Outlaw has an excellent jungle clear, powerful AoE damage, and enough mobility to catch any fleeing opponent.

To make the most of Graves’ entire kit, look to cast Smoke Screen towards the enemy marksman in order to limit their damage output in team fights. This ability is best used at the start of a team fight as the ADC will be unable to dodge long-range crowd control as the spells will come from outside of their vision range.

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Which jungler do you think is strongest on Patch 10.13? Which junglers would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.14?