League of Legends: 5 Best Supports on Patch 10.13

League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best supports in League of Legends on Patch 10.13

Support is the most underrated role in League of Legends. Although it has grown in terms of impact and map presence in pro play, solo queue players have yet to develop an understanding of just how powerful the best supports can be in terms of early game impact through roaming and warding.

However, the strongest supports on Patch 10.13 are all capable of traversing the map early on and helping teammates build a lead over their counterparts. Bard’s Magical Journey, Leona’s Boots of Mobility, and Senna’s Curse of the Black Mist are all powerful tools on experienced support players.

Here are the 5 best supports on Patch 10.13:

5) Bard

52.65% Win Rate | 9.1% Pick Rate | 3.0% Ban Rate

For coordinated teams, like those you would find in Clash, Bard is an ideal pick for a support player that wants to set up his team for success. Not only is the Wandering Caretaker an expert roamer, trader, and engager during the laning phase, but he also provides unmatched late game utility through Magical Journey and Tempered Fate.

However, reaching the late game without losing your Nexus is the first step, and this involves having a successful laning phase. To win your lane as Bard, you need to master Cosmic Binding.

One method of catching out your lane opponents is to pick out two minions close together, wait until your lane partner has killed one of the minions, then cast your Q on the remaining minion as your opponents will have little time to react.

4) Leona

50.12% Win Rate | 8.1% Pick Rate | 14.8% Ban Rate

Leona has been a staple of the support meta throughout Season 10 so far. Her inherent ‘tankiness’, early game set-up, and late game engages all combine to make an easy to learn support champion that can win games single-handedly if placed in the right hands.

Upon reaching the late game, it is most likely your responsibility to kick off fights with Solar Flare. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean cast your ultimate as soon as you see an enemy. Instead, wait until the enemy marksman steps slightly too close and stun him from a distance.

While this won’t always result in a kill, it will definitely force out a summoner spell which can be punished later in the game.

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3) Senna

50.31% Win Rate | 15.8% Pick Rate | 15.7% Ban Rate

Predominantly played in the ADC role in pro play, Senna has found herself picked by autofilled support players and support players who don’t trust their lane partners in solo queue. With strong poke, crowd control, and a heal in her kit, Senna is obviously capable of playing support, but she clearly doesn’t offer as much as your tankier options.

During the laning phase, you should be constantly harassing your lane opponents and forcing them to either back off or recall due to their low health. However, it is essential that you don’t get caught out as Senna’s low base health means she will be blown up instantly if hooked or stunned.

2) Blitzcrank

51.42% Win Rate | 9.0% Pick Rate | 17.4% Ban Rate

What you see is what you get with Blitzcrank. No matter the stats, no matter the meta, the Great Steam Golem will have an impact on the bot lane thanks to his Rocket Grab.

Currently, Blitz is thriving in solo queue as the supports around him are nerfed to the ground while he stays the same. All it takes is a single Rocket Grab to win the laning phase, pick up a key mid game objective, or instantly remove an enemy carry from a late game fight.

1) Lulu

51.74% Win Rate | 17.8% Pick Rate | 20.2% Ban Rate

From out of nowhere, the Kog’Maw and Lulu duo is back at the top. Partly due to Kog’Maw’s recent buffs and partly due to Lulu hard-countering melee supports, this bot lane partnership his rapidly ascended to the S tier of bot lane and should remain here for some time.

That being said, Lulu’s 51.74% win rate isn’t just because of Kog’Maw. The Fae Sorceress also has a strong partnership with other scaling carries like Jinx, Twitch, and Vayne because of her massive shields and helpful movement speed boosts.

If you’re just picking up Lulu, the one important thing to remember is to instantly cast Whimsy and polymorph an oncoming enemy assassin or bruiser as they diver your carry. This gives your duo partner time to react as the incoming damage is delayed, allowing them to quickly reposition.

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Which support do you think is strongest on Patch 10.13? Which supports would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.14?