TFT Patch 10.14 Breakdown: Changes Crammed into the Dwarf Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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In-game screenshot by Josh Tyler. League of Legends/Riot Games
In-game screenshot by Josh Tyler. League of Legends/Riot Games /

Patch 10.14 adds the Dwarf Galaxy to Teamfight Tactics, but also introduces a new way to break ties to TFT.

After the disastrously stale meta of the previous patch, Teamfight Tactics appears to be headed in a much better direction with Patch 10.14. The dominant carries of Jinx, Vayne, and Riven are all getting nerfed with some underused traits like Celestials getting some love. Let’s break down these changes and more that are coming to TFT!

Systems Changes

Neeko Boxes

"Blue Box: Neeko ⇒ Neeko + 2 Coins Gold Box: Neeko + 3 Coins ⇒ Neeko + 5 Coins"

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This change is giving drops that contain a Neeko’s Help also drop some gold (or increased gold). Honestly, I didn’t ever feel that bad getting a Neeko’s Help from a box, because having an extra copy of a champion is fairly valuable, but I guess getting extra gold is nice.


"Your final position in the standings will now be determined once all combat has ended, instead of immediately upon taking lethal damage. Lethal damage will now take players into negative health. Players who are eliminated in the same round will finish in order of: Least negative health total. If negative health is tied, most health in the round prior to elimination. In the unlikely event that both of the previous measures are tied, the final standings for those tied players will be determined randomly."

This new method of calculating who finishes where in the standings makes more sense, honestly, because it rewards players who put up a better fight and doesn’t reward players who have multiple Guardian Angels to prolong the match. That said, I think the failsafe should just be the old way of calculating, whoever took lethal damage first loses. I really hate the idea that your standing in a match should ever be determined by pure randomness (as opposed to the navigatable randomness in a typical TFT match).


"New Galaxy: Dwarf Planet – The first and last row of every board is disabled."

On a much smaller board, comps like Snipers and Blasters are going to be a lot less effective because there is less room to maneuver. I’d imagine tankier comps with melee carries will be much stronger on the Dwarf Planet.

"Removed Galaxy: Littler Little Legends."

Goodbye Littler Little Legends galaxy and your way-too-fast games. You shall not be missed.