League of Legends: The 5 Best Mid Laners on Patch 10.14

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best mid laners in League of Legends on Patch 10.14

While control mages and heavy scalers dictate the mid lane meta in pro play, assassins make the best mid laners in solo queue right now. This comes as no surprise due to the snowball-heavy nature of your average ranked game and the 1v5 mentality of every mid laner who plays League of Legends.

On Patch 10.14, only 2 mid lane champions were changed. Firstly, Karthus was punished for dominating the jungle role for too long and has now been forced back into the mid lane for the foreseeable future. Second, Zed received a huge buff that has resulted in him shooting up the mid lane tier list and taking over the Rift on the current patch.

Here are the 5 best mid laners on Patch 10.14:

5) Vladimir

50.99% Win Rate | 5.8% Pick Rate | 16.2% Ban Rate

In terms of team fight effectiveness and 5v5 DPS, Vladimir tops the charts for mid laners. Finding the right flank route, waiting for the right moment, and bursting into the fight with Hemoplague and Tides of Blood, the Crimson Reaper can often decide the outcome of a match single-handedly.

To reach the later stages with a strong inventory, be sure to hold onto Sanguine Pool for as long as possible during ganks, dodging potentially lethal crowd control abilities in order to retain summoner spells and lane presence.

4) Katarina

51.68% Win Rate | 6.6% Pick Rate | 8.2% Ban Rate

The criteria for maining Katarina are strong mechanics and a sturdy keyboard. Katarina is one of the most spam-heavy champions in League of Legends as she benefits from an insane amount of resets in team fights which allows her to 1v5 in the right hands.

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3) Fizz

51.35% Win Rate | 6.6% Pick Rate | 12.7% Ban Rate

Nautilus’ Depth Charge, Syndra’s Unleashed Power, and Wukong’s Cyclone are just a few of the many abilities Fizz can dodge with Playful Trickster. This, combined with the slippery-ness of Urchin Strike makes Fizz one of the most annoying champions to deal with in League of Legends.

Not only that, but he’ll also one-shot your AD Carry despite being half a screen away.

2) Kassadin

51.22% Win Rate | 7.2% Pick Rate | 32.1% Ban Rate

If you believe that every solo queue game has the potential to go the distance because of the average player’s inability to close the game out with a gold lead, then Kassadin is the mid laner for you. Upon reaching level 16 and putting a third point in Riftwalk, Kassadin becomes one of the strongest champions in League of Legends and capable of solo-winning any match.

However, in order to be successful with the Void Walker, you have to navigate his extremely vulnerable laning phase. Let your jungler know that you’ll be weak early and to wait until level 6 at the earliest before making plays around mid lane.

1) Zed

51.52% Win Rate | 13.6% Pick Rate | 32.3% Ban Rate

Zed is back after an extremely helpful Living Shadow buff on Patch 10.14. The Master of Shadows has climbed up the mid lane tier list and seen his win rate rise by over 3% over the last week, re-establishing himself in the League of Legends meta for the first time in years.

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Which mid laner do you think is strongest on Patch 10.14? Which mid laners would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.15?