TFT Guide: How to Navigate Through the Dwarf Galaxy

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We show you how to navigate through the Dwarf Galaxy, Teamfight Tactics’s newest galaxy, in our new TFT guide.

In Patch 10.14, Teamfight Tactics introduced the Dwarf Galaxy. After a few weeks of play, my honest assessment is that there really aren’t too many changes to the meta game of TFT that are needed to successfully navigate this galaxy. Nevertheless, our latest TFT Guide will give some pointers that can help get you a slight edge anytime you find yourself in the Dwarf Galaxy.

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What is the Dwarf Galaxy?

In the Dwarf Galaxy, the closest row and furthest row from you (the row that is closest to your opponent) are impassable. This means that you cannot place units on your back row (nor can your opponent) and units cannot travel onto those back row hexes.

Essentially, the board size in the Dwarf Galaxy is shrunk by one quarter, compressing the are in which units will do battle. This means that long-range units will be at a disadvantage, as they’re unable to fully exploit their range to deal damage safely, and that you’re more likely to see units grouped together in close proximity. This means that short-ranged or melee carries, as well as carries with high area of effect (“AoE”) damage will be significantly stronger in this galaxy than they would be in others.

How Do You Play in the Dwarf Galaxy?

You would expect that a class like Snipers would be exceptionally weak in this galaxy, given that they’re losing extra range and thus extra damage. However, on the release patch Snipers (specifically Jhin) are so strong that they can still play quite effectively even at this disadvantage. That said, having a strong frontline is probably the most important factor in this galaxy.

Because the space on the board is so compressed, you’re likely to have the frontlines clashing closer to the damage dealers. That means if some frontliner like Mordekaiser, Nautilus, or Xin Zhao manages to survive or deal some damage they could hit your damage dealers. It also means that the longer they survive, the more likely they are to get onto those squishy units.

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In general, melee carries like Irelia, Shaco, or Master Yi do very well in the Dwarf Galaxy because of the compressed map. That doesn’t mean that long-range champions like Jinx or Jhin can’t work, but make sure that they are surrounded by supportive units like Mystics and Vanguards.

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