Metamorphosis: Red Bull’s Off-Meta League of Legends Series

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Red Bull Gaming has revealed a brand new content series, Metamorphosis

Have you ever wanted to watch streamers and pro players compete in a tournament that focuses on unorthodox, off-meta picks? Red Bull Gaming has you covered. Metamorphosis is a weekly content series in which popular League of Legends streamers will take to the Rift and face each other using only strange and innovative team compositions.

Metamorphosis was teased by Red Bull Gaming earlier in the week with a hype promotional video featuring big plays and some familiar faces who will be taking part in the event. The live stream content series is yet another exciting product of Red Bull’s ongoing partnership with the LCS, following in the footsteps of the Red Bull Power Spike tournament.

Throughout the series, players will be encouraged to create new roles, devise new strategies, and pick the most unexpected champions in order to surprise their opponents and put on a show. The first episode will be broadcast on Wednesday, 29 July and new episodes will be launched every week.

Pro players and streamers will combine to create experimental, off-meta comps

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Red Bull Gaming has also revealed an incredible line-up of popular League of Legends influencers and former pro players that will be taking part in Metamorphosis throughout the series. Sticking to the theme of off-meta picks and unorthodox comps, the players involved all have experience with unique champion picks.

The star-studded line-up includes former Cloud9 players Hai and Bunny FuFuu, streamers Trick2G and KayPea, and former LCS interviewer Ovilee May. These League of Legends extraordinaire will be tasked with testing fan theories and creating new playstyles to prove whether they’d be successful in competitive play.

Riot Games’ head of NA esports partnerships and business development, Matt Archambault, described Metamorphosis as a series that “brings a whole new energy to League of Legends that all players can enjoy, whether casual or competitive”.

Red Bull Gaming’s new content series certainly is a unique idea and it will be interesting to see how the League of Legends personalities perform with off-meta compositions on the Rift.

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The first episode of Metamorphosis will be streamed on Red Bull’s Twitch channel at 7PM EDT and 4PM PDT on Wednesday, 29 July.