League of Legends: Previewing the New Batch of Spirit Blossom Skins

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

A second Spirit Blossom skins release will hit Summoner’s Rift on Patch 10.16

Spirit Blossom skins are everywhere in League of Legends right now – and they aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, you’ll have the chance to pick up five more Spirit Blossom skins starting on Patch 10.16.

The first of these skins is Spirit Blossom Ahri, a legendary skin at the price of 1820 RP with five different chromas available.

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At first glance, this skin seems rather familiar as Dynasty and Elderwood Ahri share similar themes with Spirit Blossom. Nevertheless, it’s an incredibly pretty and eye-catching skin that – despite its similarities to earlier skins – will surely have Ahri mains throwing their money at the League of Legends client.

Next is Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia, a 1350 RP skin with eight chromas to choose from. Cassiopeia has one of the more unique cosmetics in this skin line which could add to her value. The skin is very high quality with some amazing visual effects.

The third Spirit Blossom skin is for Kindred priced at 1350 RP with eight chromas available. First and foremost, it’s about time Kindred received a new skin. Secondly, this theme works incredibly well with Lamb and Wolf and it has a beautiful look to it making it one of the most popular new releases in the skin line.

Spirit Blossom Riven is the fourth new skin at 1350 RP, released with eight chromas. The purple color theme on this skin is spectacular and one of the best uses of the Spirit Blossom theme in the skin line.

The final new skin in this wave is Spirit Blossom Yone. This skin as eight chromas and is priced at 1350 RP. While we don’t yet know how much it differs from Yone’s original skin due to the fact that the champion hasn’t been released yet, there’s no doubt that this skin is of high quality.

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The introduction of the Spirit Blossom skin line has been one of the best in League of Legends history with a “mini visual novel” and incredible cosmetics released all at once. Combining these five new skins to the original six adds up to make one of the largest skin lines in League of Legends right now.