TFT Guide: Everything You Need to Know About BBQ Rumble

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The BBQ Rumble comp is one of the newest comps in Teamfight Tactics. Our latest TFT guide breaks down what it is and how to play it.

It’s not often that a new comp in Teamfight Tactics takes over that is…not ideal. The new BBQ Rumble comp that we’re discussing in today’s TFT guide isn’t pushing out other comps because it’s incredibly strong. Instead, it’s simply a fun and unique comp that you can pull out in some unique circumstances.

Certainly, if the stars align and the comp comes together with the necessary items and units, this comp can dominate. That said, I wouldn’t recommend this as a go-to comp because of how specific the conditions are for it to work. If you’re still interested in frying up enemies and munching on some tasty LP, our TFT guide can certainly help!

What is the BBQ Rumble Comp?

Core BBQ Rumble Comp: Rumble, Ziggs, Karma, Rakan, Xin Zhao, Ashe, Lulu, Jhin

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This comp is, as the name suggests, centered around the Rumble and the Demolitionist comp. This is a slow roll comp, where you are going to try to get Rumble to 3-star with certain specific items, but the comp also has some other units that can be very useful.

For one, the comp also has a four-Celestial synergy for healing, which will make the carries very difficult to kill. There are also two Protectors as part of your front-line (Xin Zhao and Rakan) as well as two Mystics that will protect your comp from magic-dealing enemies.

The final aspect, the twin Snipers of Ashe and Jhin, can also provide some supplementary damage should you end up in an item-rich galaxy like Treasure Trove. While you’re not building to maximize the damage on Jhin, he will have the Dark Star synergy thanks to Karma, making this a formidable comp full of damage.

As a note, you can swap Ziggs for Gangplank in the Demolitionist trait. While you are not necessarily trying to maximize the crowd control from Demolitionists, it’s still advisable to swap the units later in the game if you can.

What Are the Key Units and Items?

Hold onto your hats for this one, because you’re going to think I’m trolling you when I tell you the key items for Rumble. You want to build Titan’s Resolve, Infinity Edge, and Jeweled Gauntlet. This item combination not only ramps up Rumble’s damage (remember, he’ll also be healing from the Celestial bonus) but it also allows his AoE damage to crit.

Other than the Rumble and these damage items, you don’t really need any other units and items to make this comp work other than another Demolitionist (Ziggs early, GP later). The rest of the units listed above are what make this comp ideal, but honestly, you could also go something like Vanguards instead of Mystics or Protectors and this comp still be workable. However, the Rumble build is non-negotiable to make this a BBQ Rumble comp.

When Should You go the BBQ Rumble Comp?

You need those specific items, to start. If you have two Brawler’s Gloves, I would say you’re in a good spot to consider going for this comp. If you also manage to get multiple Rumbles early it might be a sign that BBQ Rumble is a possibility. 

In general, though, I would say that it’s probably not the best idea to go into a TFT game thinking you are going to go for this comp. Instead, you should look at this as a possibility to keep in your back pocket if the stars align. If you end up with a 2-star Rumble but have an Infinity Edge and Jeweled Gauntlet, why not pivot to the BBQ Rumble comp?

How do You Counter this Comp?

Strong frontline, crowd control immunity, and some form of ranged damage dealers can deal with this comp quite effectively. The Dark Star/Snipers can be a good counter comp, since Jhin will likely be able to knock down the Rumble quickly, as would Astro/Snipers. For Astro/Snipers, though, I would advise putting a QSS or Trap Claw to avoid that Rumble CC (at least long enough for him to transform).

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Mech-Pilots, though, would be my choice to go against this comp. It has the frontline damage in the Mech to deal with the Rumble and also take units away from the BBQ Rumble comp.