League of Legends: 10 Champions that Can Make You a Better Laner

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Arcade Caitlyn, League of Legends.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Becoming a better laner in League of Legends is much easier if you try out these ten champions!

There is a lot of conflicting advice for new and low-elo League of Legends players when it comes to improving their laning. That’s because there are a lot of aspects to laning that players need to learn and improving at just one might not result in you becoming a great laner overnight.

In addition, the obvious measures of laning – CS, kills, deaths, tower plates, and towers taken – don’t always provide an accurate indication of the skill of the laner. In some matchups, it’s nearly impossible to secure a CS lead, get kills, or avoid being pushed under your tower the whole game.

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As a result, while the “universal” skills of laning like last-hitting and trading exist in every lane phase, it’s not possible to properly practice or evaluate these skills in every game. With that being said, though, some champions excel at one aspect of the lane phase so much that spamming that champion will let you evaluate your own skill and teach you how to be a better laner overall.

Today, I’ll be giving you ten champions that will teach you one key aspect to laning. These champions will cover all three of the lanes and while the champions listed are the best for teaching this skill (in my opinion), I’ll also provide some champions in the other two roles that can teach these skills.

1. Nasus

Skill: Farming

This one is just too obvious to not put first. Your only goal in lane as Nasus is to farm your Q stacks and luckily his kit makes this quite easy. He has built in sustain on his passive, ranged waveclear on his E, and his Q is also an auto-attack reset.

When playing Nasus, your only goals are to hit every CS you can to get Q stacks, not die or get pushed out of lane, base on your key item recalls, and manage your mana. If you do all of that and you’re even or just slightly behind at the end of lane phase, you’ve done well.

Other champions: Veigar, Jinx

2. Renekton

Skill: Trading

Trading is a massive skill that covers way too many different smaller skills, but Renekton will help you improve at most of them. Renekton is great for learning to trade because his trade pattern is incredibly simple. You dash in, stun, Q with full fury, and dash out.

Because this combo is so easy to understand and execute, you’ll quickly pick it up and be able to focus on more subtle skills like positioning for a trade and identifying a trade window. You’ll start looking for spots where you have full fury and the enemy has to walk close to last hit a cannon minion to get easy trades.

Other champions: Twisted Fate, Syndra, Jhin, Janna

3. Caitlyn

Skill: Zoning

Champions that have the ability to create areas of control can “zone” their opponents to take bad trades, miss CS, or even miss experience. Caitlyn, with her traps, can control a lane better than almost any other champion in League of Legends.

Once you learn how to position your traps and manipulate the wave, you’ll learn to put your opponent in situations where they are forced to choose between getting farm and taking damage. Putting your opponents in positions like this is a great way to win lane without needing to play that aggressively.

Other champions: Heimerdinger, Illaoi, Zoe, Nami