League of Legends: Evelynn Returns to the Jungle Meta on Patch 10.16

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends welcomes Evelynn back to the jungle meta on Patch 10.16

There were no less than 27 (twenty-seven) champion changes on Patch 10.16 as the balance team prepares to create a diverse and exciting World Championship meta. Arguably the biggest beneficiary among those receiving buffs was Evelynn who has since climbed to a remarkable 52.80% win rate.

Although a collection of players initially turned their nose up at the change claiming that it wasn’t much of a buff at all, they’ve now been proven wrong as the Agony’s Embrace has established herself as the number one jungler on Patch 10.16.

The change saw Eve’s Hate Spike cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 4 seconds and the 50% cooldown reduction from hitting jungle monsters removed. As stated in the patch notes, this buff was intended to improve Evelynn’s damage output in early skirmishes and lift some confusion around her Hate Spike monster interaction.

Evelynn was mostly absent in the Season 10 jungle meta until this buff

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Clearly, this change encourages Evelynn players to seek out enemy junglers in order to trade and output a huge amount of damage with such a short cooldown on her primary DPS tool. Not only that, but her jungle clear speed remains unaffected, so there’s no trade-off for this buff.

With the jungle meta shifting from tanks and engage-heavy champions to carries and assassins, this buff is perfectly timed for those who main Evelynn or want to add her to their champion pool. The jungler can now compete with the likes of Kayn, Kha’Zix, and Shaco in the jungle both in terms of early dueling and team fight impact.

Nonetheless, she still has her weaknesses. Without Demon Shade, Evelynn’s ganks are extremely telegraphed and heavily deterred by wards, making her relatively ineffective until reaching level 6. Past this point, the jungler relies on her ultimate, Last Caress, to escape from tricky situations and is very vulnerable when the ability is on cooldown.

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All in all, Evelynn’s Patch 10.16 buff has propelled her up to the jungle S tier with no real downsides. Her control of the mid game and ability to duel with enemy junglers allows her to build a gold lead, protect her laners, and start a snowball single-handedly thanks to her excellent damage output.