LCS: Top Three Landing Spots for Sneaky in 2021

Photo by Timothy Norris/Riot Games.
Photo by Timothy Norris/Riot Games. /

Veteran ADC Sneaky has said he wants to return to the LCS next year, so here are the three teams that could add him next year.

One of the most popular LCS players ever (as well as being a top-three player in the history of the league), former Cloud9 AD Carry Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi recently revealed in an interview that he is looking to return to an LCS team in 2021. While Sneaky had a bit of a down year in 2019, he’s still a tremendous player with a lot of talent that a lot of teams might be looking to pick up. Here are three teams that would ideal landing spots for Sneaky in 2021.

1. 100 Thieves

This is a perfect fit, as the Thieves have always been a team that’s been aggressive in trying to upgrade their roster, have never been shy about spending money, and have made big-name acquisitions in the past. They’ve picked up players like Aphromoo, Meteos, and Ryu even though their best days appeared to be behind them, so Sneaky would fit that mold.

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From a roster perspective, Cody Sun has been on the downturn for Summer 2020, grading as the second-worst starting ADC in our final player ranking for the split. Sneaky would probably be an upgrade and is a more consistent player, especially in playoffs.

The only things that could prevent this move is the new change in philosophy at the management level, with GM PapaSmithy looking like he wants to focus more on developing young talent. Sneaky himself also might not be in love with the idea of playing with unproven talent in Poome as his support.

2. Immortals

Another organization that has historically been willing to shell out money to get veteran talent (as they did last year with sOAZ and Xmithie) and has a void of talent in the AD Carry position. However, unlike 100 Thieves who have some other solid pieces already on their roster, Immortals are likely looking at a large-scale rebuild this offseason.

I would expect that IMT will be in the market for a new top laner, ADC, and support at the minimum. They could also look to upgrade the jungle position as well, as they were willing to start Potluck at the beginning of the split. I’m not sure if Sneaky would be willing to be a key piece to a rebuild.

3. FlyQuest

To me, this is the ideal landing spot for Sneaky, as it puts him on a team that is already on the cusp of being great and also represents a potential upgrade to their current ADC role. FlyQuest really seems to be on the fence with regards to both WildTurtle and Mash, so I would think that they’d consider this option.

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The only real downside is whether FlyQuest will be able to or willing to shell out the money for the contract Sneaky can command. They’ve been rumored to be one of the more budget-conscious teams in the LCS, so it might come down to pure dollars that keep this from happening. If it does, though, I think this could propel FlyQuest into becoming a true contender for championships in NA.