League of Legends: The 5 Best Bot Laners on Patch 10.16

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

This is a list of the 5 best bot laners in League of Legends on Patch 10.16

There’s been a huge shift in the bot lane on Patch 10.16 as a certain duo has made their mark on the Season 10 meta against all odds. Lux and Sona, names you wouldn’t usually associate with carrying games and being unbearable on the Rift, have combined to top the charts and become the best bot laners on the current patch.

Five bot laners received buffs on Patch 10.16, which has prompted a huge meta change in the role. Jhin’s passive damage to structures was increased, Jinx’s maximum ult damage was increased, Lucian’s damage output was increased, Miss Fortune’s base AD was increased, and Tristana’s E damage was also increased.

Here are the 5 best bot laners on Patch 10.16:

5) Draven

51.10% Win Rate | 4.5% Pick Rate | 3.7% Ban Rate

Early game damage, mid game objective control, late game self-peel, Draven does it all. The Glorious Executioner is the first answer to the question “How do I single-handedly win the laning phase?”

The key to being successful while piloting Draven is converting an early game lead into mid game domination by rotating around the Rift and picking up neutral objectives and enemy towers to snowball your lead.

4) Vayne

50.17% Win Rate | 11.0% Pick Rate | 9.4% Ban Rate

Whether the ADC role is strong or not, Vayne will always be present in the meta. The Night Hunter’s ability to 1v5 in any team fight – regardless of her relative gold – make her irresistible to marksman mains who fancy themselves as incredibly talented players trapped in their own elo due to bad teammates.

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3) Lux

62.08% Win Rate | 1.9% Pick Rate | 3.3% Ban Rate

If you’ve played solo queue at all in the last two weeks, you will be more than familiar with Lux and Sona. The duo provides constant shield and heals, meaning any sort of poke or positive trade is instantly neutralized.

This is not just something to be feared in the laning phase. The mages also offer unmatched levels of sustain in late game team fights as well as a surprisingly high damage output.

2) Ashe

51.63% Win Rate | 19.9% Pick Rate | 13.6% Ban Rate

Ashe’s pick potential is her greatest strength and the reason why she is currently dominating the bot lane in solo queue.

Despite her obvious flaws in terms of early damage and auto attack range, the Frost Archer excels in catching out unsuspecting enemies from a distance with Enchanted Crystal Arrow, creating a numbers advantage for her team ahead of a major objective fight.

1) Caitlyn

52.73% Win Rate | 31.6% Pick Rate | 43.3% Ban Rate

Caitlyn is the strongest bot laner on Patch 10.16 due to her excellent damage output through all stages of the game, long range, and complete control of the laning phase.

Paired with a lane dominant support like Morgana, Lulu, or Lux, and the Sheriff of Piltover can build a gold lead instantly from which to snowball and pick up neutral objectives for her team with ease.

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Which bot laner do you think is strongest on Patch 10.16? Which bot laners would you like to see buffed on Patch 10.17?