LEC: The Five Best Bars from the Mediocre Rap Battle

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

There were some great lines that dropped in the LEC’s Mediocre Rap Battle.

You can always count on EU to give us some spicy content on an otherwise slow day. This morning, the LEC crew dropped some of the sickest beats Runeterra has ever seen with their follow up to the Misfits/G2 and G2/Origen rap battles from 2019. Today, there’s a new rap battle dropping ahead of the LEC playoffs that begin today.

It features casters and analysts Daniel “Drakos” Drakos, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, Andrew “Vedius” Day, and desk host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere representing various LEC teams and dropping some bars ahead of the playoffs. Watch the rap battle below and check out the five most devastating lines from the video!

5. (G2 to Fnatic) “G2 gettin’ trophies, Fnatic gettin’ mentions, maybe it’s time for an intervention.”

The worst burns are the ones that hurt the most, eh Fnatic fans? G2 has simply had Fnatic’s number the last few years, picking up three straight LEC titles (the last two were against Fnatic in the finals) and G2 made the Worlds finals last year while Fnatic were knocked out in the quarterfinals.

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Even though it’s not fair to say that Fnatic is now irrelevant, they definitely haven’t been the kings of Europe in a long time. With a rabid fanbase, time is running out for this historic franchise to turn things around before fan outrage gets ugly.

4. (Rogue to Fnatic) “Soraka bot with sinner picks, does Rekkles need his Janna fix.”

A very nice little jab by Froskurinn that famed Fnatic ADC Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has relied on a number of cheesy picks in the past. In fact, this summer, Soraka was his second most-played champion (tied with four others) as he played her twice (both losses). His most-played champion is another utility marksman in Senna, who he played five games on.

While the Janna is a bit of a deeper cut (Rekkles hasn’t pulled out the ADC Janna pick in 2020), it really drives home a very nice burn that Fnatic’s franchise player has relied heavily on “sinner” ADC picks to compensate for his lack of mastery of meta bot laners.

3. (Rogue to Fnatic) “Rekkles chances looking gloomy, can’t win a title without Caps or Huni.”

Yeah Fnatic got absolutely bodied in this rap battle folks. This is another great bar thrown at Rekkles and how he hasn’t been able to win a title since Caps left for G2 back in 2019. Before that, his only win in the EU LCS came back in 2015 with that famed lineup that included Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon in the top lane and Kim “Reignover” Yeu-jin in the jungle.

2. (MAD Lions to G2) “Hakuna Matata, you’re not going far, MAD Lions make you feel like Scar.”

G2 owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez stirred some controversy back in Week 6 of the LEC when he said he didn’t give an *expletive* if G2 made Worlds and wanted the team to “Hakuna Matata” the rest of the season. Since then Hakuna Matata (a reference from the Disney movie The Lion King) has become G2’s meme/rallying cry down the stretch.

Now, the irony of getting Sjokz, who is repping the MAD Lions in the rap battle, to throw this back at G2 is absolutely beautiful. It indicates that while G2 might be going all Hakuna Matata (which by the way, means no worries for the rest of your days), it’s actually the MAD Lions who they should be worried about because they’re going to kill G2 like Scar in the movie. G2 might be strutting around singing, thinking they’re Simba, but clearly, the MAD Lions are out to show that the circle of life in the LEC has spun past the G2 era.

1. (Fnatic to Rogue) “7 titles, world final, we look like a gem, they only know you because of TSM.”

Oh Vedi, this is just *chef’s kiss* so beautiful. It’s perfectly layered from the brag of Fnatic’s legacy as the kings of Europe while also slighting Rogue (the current LEC leaders).

For those not understanding the reference, by the way, last year Splyce coach Hadrien “Duke” Forestier would beat TSM “8 out of 10 games.” At the time, TSM was a decent-to-strong team but Rogue were one of the worst teams in the LEC, so this was clearly meant to be a jab at the level of talent in EU versus NA, as well as fans holding up TSM as better than they were.

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So to now say that the number one team in Europe’s only claim to fame is a meme about North America’s most recognizable team (and certainly not the best team in NA) is an epic burn. I also love that they put the iconic “T-S-M” chant behind the last word to really drive home the burn. Perfection, and a great redemption for the team that took the most Ls in this rap battle.