TFT Fates: New Reveal Post Teases TFT Set 4 Theme

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot has teased the reveal of the next set of Teamfight Tactics, TFT Fates. Here’s what we know about TFT Set 4.

Set 3 is drawing to a close, a bit faster than most of us expected. Today, Riot dropped their first hints regarding TFT Set 4, which will be titled TFT Fates.

Even though the initial reveal post doesn’t have much information regarding what new mechanics or champions might be coming in TFT Set 4, there are a few nuggets of information we can glean from the reveal. Here are some of the big details we got from the sneak peek into TFT Fates.

1. TFT Set 4 Drops in Patch 10.19

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If you’re looking to climb to Gold, Plat, or Diamond in Set 3, you only have a few more patches to go. TFT Set 4 will go live in Patch 10.19, which is just two patches away. Get in your spaceships for one last cruise through the galaxy, because those cool new mechanics are gone in about a month or so (Riot’s patch cycles are sent every two weeks).

2. TFT Fates has a Magical Theme

Set 3 was a futuristic, cyber-punk, and intergalactic theme from the future, giving players Star Wars and Marvel vibes. TFT Set 4 is going back to a simpler time with the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones feel. I would expect a lot more mystical/woodland type champions and synergies (which we saw way back in Set 1). And speaking of Set 1…

3. We know Some Synergies

The Teamfight Tactics Twitter account teased us with “a taste of what’s to come,” that included dragons, magic, storms, and spirits. The reveal post teased that TFT Set 4 will include similar themes, but a few choice capitalized words indicate at least six possible traits we’ll see in TFT Set 4.

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Those include Divines, Tormented, Spirits, Phantasms, Fortunes, and Chosen. Immediately, Spirits and Phantasms make me flashback to Set 1’s Phantoms, Fortunes could be something like Space Pirates, and Tormented could be Demons.

Let us know which champions you’re looking forward to seeing in TFT Fates in the comments!