TFT: Riot Reveals Set 4 Champions and Chosen Mechanic

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Today Riot gave us some more insight into TFT Set 4 and how a brand new mechanic, Chosen, will impact the game.

With TFT Set 4 fast approaching (it should hit the PBE next week in the new patch cycle), Riot continues to tease us with more and more new information about how the new set, TFT: Fates, will be different from TFT: Galaxies. In today’s update, Riot showed a few more new champions, some of the traits we will see in Set 4, and the newest TFT mechanic, Chosen, which will completely alter how we think about team compositions.

The Chosen Mechanic

League of Legends. Screenshot taken by Josh Tyler.
League of Legends. Screenshot taken by Josh Tyler. /

In Set 4, you will have the ability to have one Chosen champion on your team. You’ll randomly see units in your shop that have a Chosen trait, which gives them certain bonuses. For instance, the Garen in the image here is a Vanguard Chosen.

Chosen champions come immediately as 2-star units (they do cost three times more than their 1-star unit cost though) and they will have some other unique bonuses.

First, the Chosen trait will count for two of that trait! This means that having just this Garen on the field completes the Vanguard bonus on his own.

Second, the Chosen unit gets 200 bonus health along with bonus health, bonus spell power, bonus attack damage, or reduced mana cost on his ability. For instance, the Garen above would come with 700 bonus health (the base 200 bonus plus another 500 bonus health).

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The important thing to note is that you can only have one Chosen champion on the field at once AND once you have bought one (even if they are on the bench), you will not see more Chosen champions in the shop. This creates an interesting dynamic where you might choose to snowball by getting a Chosen champion early or waiting for the best possible champion down the line.

However, since the Chosen champions are random, it is not possible for you to “force” one ever game. Not only is the unit that gets the bonus random, but the trait is too. This means, even if you’re lucky enough to get this Garen, if you needed the Chosen trait to be Warlord this won’t cut it.

New Champions

The reveal post also revealed the first 17 new champions coming to TFT in Set 4, as well as some new traits. Here are the 17 revealed units and their traits:

  • Elise (Cultist/Exemplar)
  • Twisted Fate (Cultist/Mage)
  • Pyke (Cultist/Assassin)
  • Thresh (Phantasm/Vanguard)
  • Evelynn (Cultist/Shade)
  • Kalista (Cultist/Duelist)
  • Aatrox (Cultist/Vanguard)
  • Diana (Moonlight/Assassin)
  • Lissandra (Moonlight/Dazzler)
  • Garen (Warlord/Vanguard)
  • Sylas (Moonlight/Brawler)
  • Vi (Warlord/Brawler)
  • Katarina (Warlord/Assassin)
  • Nidalee (Warlord/Sharpshooter)
  • Jarvan (Warlord/Exemplar)
  • Kennen (Ninja/Exemplar)
  • Xin Zhao (Warlord/Duelist)

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Make sure to check out our coming post where we break down all these new units and traits, as well as hypothesize the other new units that we could get.