TFT Fates: Ranking Every Single Origin and Class in Set 4

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /
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Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

We have our first look at TFT: Fates, so let’s break down every single trait coming to Set 4.

TFT Set 4 will be unleashed on the PBE tomorrow, but today Riot has officially teased us with every single new unit, Origin, and Class we’ll get to experiment with in Set 4. Let’s take a look at which traits look like they’re going to be overpowered and which ones look underwhelming.

I’ll be giving a brief description of each Origin or Class, listing each champion in the Origin/Class, and give my thoughts of how strong the trait will be in TFT Set 4. We’ll do Origins and then Classes, starting at what I think will be the most powerful, going down to the least powerful trait.


1. Warlord

Description: Warlords have bonus Health and Spell Power. Each victorious combat they’ve participated in increases this bonus by 10%, stacking up to 5 times (3/6/9 units).


  • Garen (1g)
  • Nidalee (1g)
  • Jarvan IV (2g)
  • Vi (2g)
  • Xin Zhao (3g)
  • Katarina (3g)
  • Azir (5g)

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Thoughts: In my preview last week I said that Warlord looks like it could be the best Origin in TFT and I think that’s still true. Depending on how strong units like Azir, Katarina, and Xin Zhao are, I could easily see this being the standard Push 8 comp. It also has the potential for hyper and slow-rolling depending on how strong the lower-cost units are.

2. Cultist

Description: Once your team loses 50% of their health, Galio is summoned, slamming into the largest cluster of enemies and knocking them up (3/6/9 units).


  • Elise (1g)
  • Twisted Fate (1g)
  • Pyke (2g)
  • Evelynn (3g)
  • Kalista (3g)
  • Jhin (4g)
  • Aatrox (4g)
  • Zilean (5g)

Thoughts: Unlike the Mech-Pilots of Set 3 and Elementalists of Set 2, you don’t get this bonus unit as your front line tank off the bat. You only get him once you’re already losing a lot of health (50% of health is unclear, but I’m assuming it means half of all the combined health of your team). The one good thing about this trait is that Galio is going to CC a lot of enemy units which could swing a close fight. This will be a good Origin situationally, and OP if it has strong units within it.