LCS: The Top Three Landing Spots for Reapered in 2021

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games /

Cloud9 has fired legendary coach Reapered, so here are three teams where he could end up next year.

In a year full of shockwaves for Cloud9, today’s news that the team has fired their long-time head coach Bok “Reapered” Han-gyu might be the biggest. Reapered has been the coach for C9 for over a decade and has shepherded them to become one of the pillars of success in the LCS. But after C9 missed Worlds for the first time in the organization’s history, it appears that Reapered has taken the fall for this failure.

While the future of Cloud9’s roster is largely unchanged (reports have confirmed that Cloud9 will be retaining their entire roster going into 2021), Reapered is now looking for a new job for the first time since coming to North America. Assuming that he has gotten used to the cuisine over here and doesn’t want to leave, here are three LCS teams that could look to add Reapered for 2021.

1. Counter Logic Gaming

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No counter logic here in this signing because I think it makes complete sense for CLG to go hard after Reapered. The team already fired their previous coaches Weldon and Ssong, so they are in the market for a head coach and (with all due respect to CLG’s other coaches in the organization) it’s not like there’s an heir apparent in the wings.

The only real sticking point that I could see for Reapered is that every CLG player other than top laner Ruin has a contract that runs through the 2021 season. This gives the team little roster flexibility for Reapered to shape the team in his image. And, let’s be honest, that roster did not inspire much confidence in 2020. If CLG can make some roster changes work or Reapered just loves some of their Academy players, though, this is a logical fit.

2. Evil Geniuses

Now, while EG already has a head coach in place with Irean and they did well enough in 2020 that they might not be looking to make a big change, I think this is an upgrade that makes sense. Remember, Evil Geniuses were the team that made a big swap with C9 last year to take on Svenskeren and Zeyzal from their starting roster, along with Kumo from Academy. That’s three former players that Reapered could potentially reunite with if they made the move.

Now, like CLG, Evil Geniuses do have a lot of their roster locked up through 2021 (Kumo and Goldenglue are the only two players to come off their books next year and neither were likely going to be in the starting lineup) which could also hinder Reapered’s roster-building. There’s also the issue of past friction with Svenskeren during their time on C9, as alluded to on the Crack Down with Thorin and IWillDominate. It’s not 100% clear if that tension is due to Reapered, the organization, or a bit of both, but if the two could work together maybe they could recapture the magic that made Svenskeren the LCS MVP.

3. Immortals

This is the perfect fit for Reapered, in my opinion. It’s a team with a current head coaching vacancy, they have a lot of young talent in Potluck and Insanity who are locked up to long-term contracts, but they also have several veterans that they could shed like Apollo/Altec and Xmithie.

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Those players are locked up to longer-term contracts, yes, so there isn’t that much wiggle room to revamp the roster over the summer. However, their roster in Academy also is missing a lot of people after the team jettisoned much of their previous LCS roster this offseason. Reapered would have a great opportunity to develop young talent (in the org or out of it), use existing veterans, and mold a rebuilding organization into a champion.