TFT Guide: The 3 Biggest Things to Know About Chosen Units in Set 4

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

The Chosen champions are coming to TFT in Set 4, adding a new wrinkle to the game.

Of all the changes that Set 4 will bring to Teamfight Tactics, there may be none that is more important (and less-discussed) than the new Chosen mechanic. Taking advantage of the Chosen early on in Set 4 will give TFT players a massive leg-up on their opponents in ranked queue, so we have the three biggest tips you need to know about how to properly use Chosen in your games!

1. Get One Early and Be Ready to Sell It

You’ll start seeing Chosen units available to buy in your shop as early as Level 3 and you should definitely take advantage. Make sure you pick one up early and have it for the first PvP round (2-1) complete with whatever items might work for it.

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This is because Chosen units come as 2-star units when you buy them, which is insanely strong for the first few PvP levels. They also count as two of their Chosen traits, so you can complete almost any minor trait (requiring only two or three units) in those early rounds just by having this one unit.

However, you should not plan to hold onto this unit for very long and should sell it almost immediately once you have an idea of what comp you want to run (check here for our breakdown of the five best comps when Set 4 drops). This is because you will not get any Chosen units in your shop as long as you have one purchased (doesn’t matter if it’s in play or not) and you will likely want to have that one Chosen in your eventual comp. This means you have to sell the unit off once your comp is locked in.

2. It Doesn’t Really Matter Which Unit it is

Getting a Chosen unit for your comp is key, but the honest truth is that the champion you get is not as important as the trait. Now, obviously, it’s better to get the free 2-star unit for a champion you want to stack early and get items on, but you shouldn’t spend all your time hunting for the perfect champion.

The truth is that Chosen champions don’t show up in the shop very often, maybe two times every three shops. I’ve never seen any shop with two Chosen champions (not saying it’s not possible, but it’s incredibly unlikely) and remember that as long as you have one purchased no more will appear in the shop.

That means, unless you’re going to be hyper rolling, you’re not going to see a lot of these Chosen champions. They’re most useful to get that extra unit counting towards that trait so when you have your comp decided, just grab whatever unit you can to get it early. You really can’t afford to be too picky waiting for the ideal champion – and for it to have the right Chosen trait no less.

3. Go for High-Cost Units

This is a no-brainer, but in case it needs repeating: 3, 4, and 5-cost Chosen units are ridiculously strong. To the point that I would recommend players give up a 1 or 2-cost Chosen if you have the money to roll and aren’t going for 3-stars. This last piece of advice is crucial, because if you are hyper-rolling for a 3-star Aphelios, say, giving up a free 2-star unit is not worth it.

In other cases, though, when you’re just using the Chosen to round out your comp, it’s better to sell that lower-cost unit and go for a 4 or 5-cost Chosen unit. This is especially true if you can get that full synergy without Chosen (e.g. you already have six Hunters and don’t really need to go for eight).

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In these cases, and when you aren’t rolling for 3-stars, getting a 5-cost unit can make them exceptionally powerful, even when they don’t necessarily fit into your comp perfectly. For instance, you can throw in a Sett, Kayn, Yone, or Azir at 2-stars into almost any comp, slap random items onto them, and they can elevate your comp even if they don’t fit the comp.