TFT Patch Notes: The Five Biggest Changes Coming in Patch 10.20

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

New TFT patch notes are dropping today, but if you want to skip reading the whole thing here are the five biggest changes coming in Patch 10.20!

TFT players are still getting settled into Set 4, but no sooner do we start to get a feel for the new Teamfight Tactics meta than the ground shifts beneath us. Today is the first balance patch of TFT Set 4, with Patch 10.20 going live tomorrow. For those who don’t want to read through all the patch notes, here are the five biggest changes you can expect to come to TFT.

1. A Bigger Fortune

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Fortune has basically been non-existent in the TFT Set 4 meta, so Riot has taken a pretty big buff to the trait. Not only are the payouts increasing for all loss streaks as noted below, but Spatula items can now drop if you’ve had a losing streak of five or more. There’s also a “very rare jackpot” that’s been added (presumably to Fortune 6) that can drop multiple items at once.

"0 Losses: 2g ⇒ 3g1 Loss: 4.5g ⇒ 6.5g2 Losses: 8g ⇒ 11.5g3 Losses: 13g ⇒ 17g4 Losses: 18.5g ⇒ 24g5 Losses: 23.5g ⇒ 31g6 Losses: 29g ⇒ 38g7 Losses: 35g ⇒ 45g8 Losses: 41.5g ⇒ 55g9 Losses: 55g ⇒ 70g"

2. Bye Bye Riven?

Riot knocked the queen of Patch 10.19 down a massive peg by nerfing both her traits, Dusk and Keeper, and her individually. The Dusk nerfs were really not that terrible (her shield at 6 Dusk is lessened but that’s about it) as were the Keeper nerfs (again, only losing shield strength at Keeper 6). And while the nerfs Riven herself received were quite hefty, she only got nerfs at her 3-star level.

In short, this means that Riven isn’t going to be quite as good of a scaling option. Late game, we can expect to see those Chosen Dusk comps based around Riven be a little easier to deal with. Despite all of that, I think Riven and Dusks will still be in a fine spot in Patch 10.20 lands.

3. Shen Buffs

Maybe the most shocking revelation of the patch notes was that Shen is actually getting buffs in this patch. He’s getting 10 extra armor, a 25 mana decrease to his ult, and double the taunt duration on his ult at 3-stars.

None of those seem to be very impactful, but the problem is that Shen is already an incredibly strong unit because his traits – Adept, Ninja, Mystic – slot easily into strong meta comps. These buffs just make him an even more versatile unit.

4. Moonlight Buffs

Every one of the Moonlight champions, other than the Brawler Sylas, received a buff in Patch 10.20, which likely raises the profile of the Moonlight/Hunter comps that were so strong on PBE. While Aphelios himself didn’t get a massive buff (his turrets now last longer), Diana got a damage buff with more orbs on her ability and Lissandra got a raw damage buff on her ability.

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5. Item Changes

There were a number of pretty big item changes listed in the TFT patch notes, including buffs to under-used damage items like Luden’s Echo (fairly unimpactful) and Statik Shiv (a decently strong buff to champions like Ashe or Jinx). On the other hand, Sunfire Cape got nerfed (the burn procs less often) along with Titan’s Resolve having the max stacks doubled to 50, both of which are huge nerfs to Vanguards and Brawlers. Finally, Hand of Justice got a 5% nerf to its damage/healing, which nerfs units like Zed and Katarina.