Worlds 2020: 3 Word Recap and MVP for LGD vs. Legacy

Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games.
Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games. /

We break down the final games of the Worlds 2020 play-in stage between LGD Gaming and Legacy Esports.

Worlds 2020 has now concluded the play-in stage, with the last two teams qualifying for the group stage. LGD Esports, the representative of the LPL, has qualified for the Worlds group stage after their victory over the OPL’s Legacy Esports. Let’s give our take on each of the games with the three-word game as well as our MVP for the series.

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: Legacy vs. LGD – Run them down

The first game of the series was LGD’s from start to finish, with the team collectively only surrendering three deaths, one tower, and a single dragon.

Game 2: Legacy vs. LGD – One big throw

At the 33-minute mark, Legacy Esports had the game firmly in their grasp. With two inhibitors down and on Mountain Soul point, Legacy could have just kept the dance going at dragon while super minions poured into the base. Instead, they botched their engage and allowed xiye to pop off on Kassadin, getting a quadra kill and bringing LGD back into the game.

Game 3: Legacy vs. LGD – Xiye is everywhere

On Twisted Fate, xiye was all over the map in the early and mid game portions of Game 3. He didn’t pick up all the kills, but he had 9 assists on the 14 total kills.

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MVP of the Series

Su “xiye” Han-Wei (LGD Gaming, Mid)

Obviously, there was that pop-off Game 2 on Kassadin, in which he brought LGD back from the brink of a loss with his quadra kill, but he also played great on TF. In Games 1 and 3, xiye went 4/1/13 on the Card Master.