Worlds 2020 Group Stage: 3 Word Recaps and MVPs of Day 7

Photos by David Lee/Riot Games.
Photos by David Lee/Riot Games. /

We break down all the action on Day 7 of the Group Stage of Worlds 2020.

The group stage of Worlds 2020 marches on today, as the teams of Group C conclude their play. Two of Gen.G, Fnatic, TSM, and LGD Gaming will advance to the quarterfinals and two will be eliminated by the time Day 7 has ended. Let’s take a look back at all of today’s action and name the three most valuable players of the games.

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: Fnatic vs. TSM – EU > NA

With this victory, TSM was officially eliminated from Worlds 2020. With how difficult Group D looks tomorrow (and FlyQuest is already in a one-game hole) it’s very likely that NA will not send a team to the quarterfinals for the second-straight year. Meanwhile, EU will once again send at least one team (G2 Esports qualified on Thursday) and Fnatic are still in contention to be the second EU team to advance.

Game 2: LGD Gaming vs. Gen.G – Langx day top

LGD’s top laner, Langx, was set massively behind in the early game (with an “assist” to his jungler Peanut) being 0-3 at just 6 minutes in. Though he managed to eventually recover, setting a Renekton behind that early just allowed Gen.G to snowball their team to an easy win.

Game 3: TSM vs. Gen.G – TSM caught napping

TSM had the game in the palm of their hands as jungler Spica hit an insane five-man ult on Lillia, putting all of Gen.G to sleep. With two AD Carries on their team (Bjergsen and Doublelift) all they had to do was auto-attack the enemy team and they could easily clean up the fight. But they didn’t pull the trigger on a fight that probably could have won them the game and they eventually went on to lose to Gen.G, dropping to 0-5.

Game 4: Fnatic vs. LGD Gaming – Giga Chad team

Where the heck was this Fnatic team for all of the LEC season? On Day 7, Fnatic looked coordinated, confident, and like they were playing as a team. Selfmade’s engages were incredible, Hylissang’s coin was coming up nothing but heads, and Bwipo dominated in the top lane, to help Fnatic clinch a spot in the quarterfinals.

Game 5: – LGD Gaming vs. TSM – Terrible Showing Man

With this loss, TSM made history by becoming the first #1 seed from a major region to go winless in their Worlds appearance. They ended Worlds 2020 with an 0-6 record in the group stage and were embarrassed by a team that almost didn’t make it out of the play-in round.

Game 6: Gen.G vs. Fnatic – Meet your Ruler

Ruler was impressive all day today, but on Aphelios in the final game of the day he was probably at his best. A 6/0/2 scoreline and the most damage on the team to help his team clinch the #1 seed in Group C.

MVPs of Group Stage Day 7

Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau (Fnatic, Top)

He may have been inconsistent as hell in the LEC regular season but my God this man plays tanks like a complete Chad. He went 5/1/8 and 6/0/6 on two games as Volibear, both into carry top laners (Camille and Renekton, respectively) and won lane. His Volibear was so good that Gen.G was forced to ban it in their deciding final game of Day 7.

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Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk (Gen.G, ADC)

I rated Ruler as the best ADC at Worlds 2020 and today he proved to be just that. His two Senna games were absolutely insane and then his Aphelios was on point in the game against Fnatic that clinched them the #1 seed for their group.

Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek (Fnatic, Jungle)

Rated a top five jungler heading into the tournament, Selfmade has proven to be an exceptional carry jungler with great performances on Hecarim against LGD and Graves against TSM. As for his final Graves game against Gen.G, it wasn’t pretty but definitely not the reason his team lost.