League of Legends: Ranking All the Best Ashe Skins

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Ashe is one of the most popular marksmen in League of Legends, so we’re here to rank each of her skins to determine which is the best.

When you’re a brand new League of Legends player, Ashe is one of the beginner champions you are introduced to. She’s a champion that most players learn the game on and thus can grow attached to, which makes her among the most popular champions in League of Legends. With 12 skins in her collection, the Frost Archer has plenty of options for her fans to use.

With everything from Heartseeker Valentine’s Day skins to a high-tech PROJECT skin, fans of Ashe have their pick of which skin they prefer. The big question, then, is which of her skins is the best deal in the League of Legends store?

12. Amethyst Ashe

Price: 975 RP

A blast from the past back in 2011, this skin comes from the era of skins that were basically just slapping a new coat of paint on the base skin. That is the case for the Amethyst skin, which replaces Ashe’s base blues and whites with purples and yellows. Yes, it’s beautiful, but at this price point the skin just doesn’t justify the purchase.

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11. Queen Ashe

Price: 975 RP

This one’s a bit older (from 2010) and rarer (as it’s currently in Riot’s legacy vault) but it’s the same principle as Amethyst Ashe. That rarity is really all that puts this skin out of last place, because otherwise it’s entirely underwhelming.

10. Marauder Ashe

Price: 750 RP

This is a much more recent skin, from 2015, and it is Ashe’s most detailed “coat of paint” skins. There’s a lot of detail that has been put into her armor. The problem, however, is that this skin is just plain ugly. No bright colors or unique effects, just an ugly, brown armor at a high price point.

9. Woad Ashe

Price: 520 RP

Another of her basic skins, the Woad skin isn’t as visually impressive as Amethyst (greens instead of purples and yellows) but the price makes it much more palatable. The biggest issue that holds it back is actually the fact that it’s almost identical to the next skin.

8. Sherwood Forest Ashe

Price: 520 RP

Like I said, Sherwood and Woad are almost identical in terms of their effects, but it’s the small details on the model that set Sherwood Forest Ashe apart. Plus, thematically, having a Robin Hood skin  just makes all the sense in the world.

7. Freljord Ashe

Price: 520 RP

The best of the Frost Archer’s cheap, coat of paint skins, while the Freljord skin isn’t at all visually appealing, the rarity of the skin (it’s currently in the legacy vault as her oldest skin) makes it worth a purchase.

6. PROJECT: Ashe

Price: 1820 RP

Though I am a massive fan of the PROJECT skins, unfortunately, Riot missed the mark on this one. Thematically, it just doesn’t suit Ashe and the particles and effects, while nice, are too similar to her other (frankly better) skins.

5. Championship Ashe

Price: 1350 RP

The lack of improved particles and new effects other than her recall animation hold back the Championship skin, but otherwise, this is a beautiful champion model and justifies the medium price.

4. High Noon Ashe

Price: 1820 RP

All of the skins in the top four are worth the RP, to be sure, but High Noon has the highest price of all of them. This skin comes packed with a bunch of new animations that are, admittedly quite, impressive. Unfortunately, you just don’t get enough out of this skin to justify the higher price. 

3. Cosmic Queen Ashe

Price: 1350 RP

Even though it doesn’t have the same number of animations that High Noon does, I think the Cosmic Queen skin is overall just better. In particular, the particles and effects are just a notch above High Noon, and the few new animations that were added justify the ranking. Plus, at a lower price, it’s easy to justify this purchase.

2. Fae Dragon Ashe

Price: 1350 RP

The newest skin for the Frost Archer most certainly lives up to the billing with new animations and beautiful effects. In particular, I think the green and purple color scheme works perfectly for the Frost Archer.

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1. Heartseeker Ashe

Price: 975 RP

It’s not often that a champion’s best skin is also one of their oldest. Released in 2014 and currently locked in the legacy vault, the Heartseeker skin is still the best of the bunch. Not only does it have new animations and particle effects, but the champion model is easily the best and most intricate of all Ashe’s skins.