Worlds 2020 Semifinals: 3 Word Recaps and MVPs of G2 and Damwon

Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games.
Photo by Michal Konkol/Riot Games. /

We break down today’s series between G2 and Damwon.

The first semifinal matchup of Worlds 2020 is in the books as G2 Esports faced off against Damwon Gaming. The top seed from Europe versus the top Korean team, one team would see their time in China end as the other advanced to the World Grand Finals next week.

This isn’t the first time these two teams have met internationally. Just last year, G2 knocked off Damwon in the quarterfinals of 2019 Worlds, winning the series 3-1. Damwon players vocally expressed that they were looking for some payback towards G2 after having their dreams cut short last year, but would it be a case of revenge or a repeat of their last meeting.

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: G2 vs. Dawmon – This is personal

That emote BM at the end though. Showmaker completely styled on Caps in Game 1, going 4/2/11 on Twisted Fate and ganking lanes every time his ultimate was up. Even though Caps could steal Destiny on Sylas, he wasn’t able to match Showmaker’s pressure, who flashed FPX and iG emotes at the end to remind G2 of their failures.

Game 2: Damwon vs. G2 – Teamfight me bro

While Damwon opted for a teamfight comp, with Nuguri on Fiora (who went 0/7/1 and never really got the chance to do anything meaningful in a side lane), G2 picked a team that could both answer Fiora in the side lanes (TF and Camille) but also teamfight well (Kindred + Leona). The result was that Damwon simply could not out-teamfight G2 or win in the side lanes.

Game 3: G2 vs. Damwon – Oh no Mikyx

Let’s not mince words here, Mikyx turbo-inted Game 3 on Pantheon. 3/9/4 doesn’t tell the whole story, of course, because there were times that he had to be the sacrificial lamb for his team when they got caught, but there were also quite a few instances where Mikyx just went way too deep and died for nothing.

Game 4: Damwon vs. G2 – One quick push

The game ended in under 20 minutes thanks to one last-minute push down the mid lane by Damwon with the assistance of the Rift Herald. This included a pretty slick, head-up play by Canyon using his Kindred ult to keep the Herald alive.

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MVP of the Series

Heo “ShowMaker” Su (Damwon, Mid)

Those TF games in Games 1 and 4 were exceptional for Showmaker as he went a combined 6/2/21 on the Card Master. In Game 3, though, he put on a show (pun intended) on Syndra, leading the game in damage and ending the game 5/2/6.