Worlds 2020: 3 Word Recaps and MVPs of Suning vs. Top Esports

Photo by David Lee/Riot Games.
Photo by David Lee/Riot Games. /

We break down today’s series between Suning and Top Esports.

Yesterday, Damwon Gaming became the first team to advance to the Grand Finals of Worlds 2020. Today, one of the two remaining teams from the LPL – Suning and Top Esports – faced off for the right to play them in the Finals.

These two teams previously met in the LPL semifinals, with Top Esports (“TES”) taking the victory in an easy 3-0 series win. Would this be a repeat, or would Suning prove that their wins over JD Gaming was no fluke?

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3 Word Recaps

*The winning team is in bold

Game 1: Top Esports vs. Suning – In the Bin

I love watching Chinese teams because of how creative and fearless they are when it comes to counterpicking top. In Game 1, Suning did just that allowing their top laner to counterpick Jayce with Wukong. The pick worked out beautifully as Suning won every teamfight convincingly.

Game 2: Suning vs. Top Esports – Third dragon curse

This was a theme throughout the series, but it was never better exemplified than in Game 2. The team that took the third dragon inevitably seemed to throw the game and miss on getting the Dragon Soul. It happened in every game this series except Game 3.

Game 3: Top Esports vs. Suning – A real weapon

I praised Suning for their use of counterpick top after Game 1 but I must admit I was a bit puzzled by their decision to counterpick Renekton with Jax. Bin proceeded to prove that, in fact, Jax counters Renekton by not only going 3/0/7 but dominating the lane phase as well.

Game 4: Suning vs. Top Esports – With a whimper

I really hoped that if TES was going to go down, they would do so with a bit more fight than this. In Game 4, it was a micorcosm of everything that went wrong for them today. Their two biggest stars, JackeyLove and Knight, played well below their talent level, misplaying teamfights and eventually losing the series.

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MVP of the Series

Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin (Suning, Top)

An argument could be made for ADC Huanfeng, who was awesome today, but Bin really proved today that he might be the best top laner in the world with how hard he stomped on 369 in lane. He went a combined 15/4/18 for a 8.25 KDA over the four-game series.