The 10 Best Feelings You Can Have While Playing League of Legends

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

These moments are the best feelings in League of Legends and remind you why you play this game.

League of Legends is often frustrating. Between griefing and raging teammates, your own misplays, occasional glitches, bad connections, and the pure pain of ranked, there are often more bad times than good. But there are some moments in this game that are just some of the best feelings you get playing video games.

These are the moments that we see clipped on Synapse and hit the front page of Reddit. When they happen to you, it might make you sit back in your chair and grin, laugh, or jump up and down cheering like a maniac. No matter your reaction, these are the ten best feelings you can have when playing League of Legends.

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10. Freezing a Wave

This one goes out to my fellow top lane homies. One of the best feelings for me isn’t diving an enemy over and over on Tryndamere like a monkey. Instead, it’s a gratifying feeling to just stand in front of a perfectly-frozen wave in front of my tower, knowing he can’t even get into XP range.

It’s a feeling like knowing you’re a few moves away from checkmate, as the enemy is left completely helpless. Maybe it’s a bit sadistic, but I love the feeling of rendering another player helpless, slowly choking the life out of him. It helps to drown out the fact that my bot lane is 0/8.

9. Outplaying a 1v1

At the same time, though, I must admit there is nothing better than a perfect outplay. Whether it’s getting that last tick of ignite, a Garen ult under tower to finish and flashing away before the last tower shot can aggro you, or just perfectly dipping in and out of brush as Rengar, nothing beats the feeling of thoroughly outplaying your opponent and flashing that “thumbs up” emote.

8. Stealing Dragon/Baron

Junglers spend 90% of their life in League of Legends being the punching bag. They’re blamed for not ganking, not ganking enough, not controlling objectives, not controlling vision, not holding your hand throughout laning phase, and not being able to catch the Zodiac killer. For one glorious moment, though, when you dash over the wall as Nidalee and smite Baron just a fraction of a second before the enemy jungler, you feel like a god.

7. Executing the Perfect Juke

More than just winning a 1v1, the perfect juke is a show of pure skill and manipulation. We’ve all seen those “fake” flashes (where someone looks like they’re flashing over a wall but actually flash backward into a nearby brush), but pulling off the switch-a-roo with a Shaco clone, Leblanc distortion, or Akali shroud dance just feels so satisfying.

6. Blind Stealing Dragon/Baron

Take the Baron/Dragon steal feeling and multiply it by 100. This is throwing that random Corki Phosphorus Bomb, Thresh hook, Ziggs bomb, or Lux ult and somehow managing to steal the objective blind. That will keep you smiling even when the enemy team inevitably still rolls down your Nexus a few minutes later.

5. Forcing the Enemy Team to FF

These are not all created equal, I know, but it does feel so amazing when your team just so thoroughly manhandles the enemies that they not only know they’re going to lose, but give up. And if they tell you to report your lane opponent, man that might be one of the best feelings you might have all week.

4. Shutting Down a Cocky Enemy

Sometimes, you’re not the big hero who is styling all over your enemy. Sometimes, you’re behind due to a bad matchup, getting camped, or just not playing well (yes, Summoners, it is possible for someone to just play bad in a game).

The enemy can either win gracefully, by which I mean, constantly pressure you and spread his lead across the map, running over your helpless teammates, and leading his team to victory and celebration. Or he can get cocky.

If your enemy starts spamming emotes or the laugh animation it’s easy for you to start getting angry. But there are no better feelings than when he goes for a cocky dive or you bait him into a 3v1 and get that shutdown. Make sure to throw up that emote for good measure, because you can drive them from cocky to tilted very quickly.

3. Being Accused of Being a Smurf

You know when you’re having one of those games? Where you’re just fully in the zone, every move you make goes right, you’re outplaying constantly, making correct macro calls all over the place?

That feels great, for sure, but what feels even better is when the enemy team, or even one of your allies, asks what elo your main account is. Sure if they looked at your match history they’d see you have a five-game losing streak with KDAs around 1.5 in Gold. But for one game, you managed to play like a Diamond.

2. The Full Comeback

This is shutting down the cocky enemy times infinity. This is when the enemy has the win in their hands, in your base, full pushing down the last Nexus towers, ready to win…and then trolls. Maybe they all dive into the Fountain, maybe they just spam emotes or recalls, letting the minions win, whatever the case, they don’t go for the kill. And your team capitalizes.

It becomes a compounding snowball as you take advantage of their arrogance to get a key objective, you pick one member who tries to go for a hero backdoor, you catch one or two members out, you hold until your inhibitor respawns, you win one more teamfight, ace them, and push to win the game. It’s just one of the best feelings in League of Legends to win a game the enemy team should have won. Let this be a lesson: always hit the Nexus.

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1. Instant Feedback Report

“Your recent report of an unsportsmanlike player was verified and a penalty was issued.” It’s a bit of a meme, but reading those words gives me indescribable pleasure.

At the end of the day, all of us want to play this great game with teammates who are being positive and trying their hardest. Seeing that someone you reported for not upholding the Summoner’s Code was punished makes League of Legends a better game, bit by bit.