League of Legends: New Cosmic Skins Incoming For Patch 10.24

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

League of Legends will see new skin added on Patch 10.24!

League of Legends Patch 10.24 is a big one for new skins. Ten brand new cosmetics are being added to the game, including one prestige skin.

The new skins and chromas will be added to the Cosmic skin line, while the prestige skin will be for an overlooked Star Guardian skin. Let’s take a look all the new offerings!

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Cosmic Anivia is the first new skin and my first thought is it looks a bit like Hextech Anivia. It’s a nice looking skin, but I’m not incredibly excited for it because of those similarities to Hextech Anivia (and I don’t like to play Anivia). However, with nine chromas and a price of 1350 RP, you might consider this if you haven’t aquired all the gems to get the Hextech skin.

The second skin is going to Illaoi, and it’s honestly a welcome addition to a champion who has only gotten two skins since her release in 2015. Cosmic Illaoi has a bit brighter of a color scheme against the more edgy Resistance and Void Bringer skins she has, so it’s different enough from her other offerings. Although this wouldn’t be my first pick for her, I don’t think it’s a bad-looking skin. You can get eight chromas for this skin and it’s priced at 1350 RP.

Cosmic Nami is next, also at an 1350 RP price. At first glance, I couldn’t even tell that the skin was Nami, but upon closer examination, I’m like I really like this look for her. Nami does have quite a few good looking skins and this one continues the trend.  Cosmic Nami will have seven chromas to pick out.

Next is Cosmic Nidalee at 1350 RP, and this skin looks great visually. However, to me she didn’t need a Cosmic skin when she has Dawn Bringer and Super Galaxy skin options. You can pick up eight chromas for Cosmic Nidalee on release.

Hecarim gets the next Cosmic skin. I think the theme fits really well and I also love the blue and silver color scheme. It’s a strong offering to a champion with several good skins to choose from.  This one only has seven chromas to choose though and, like the others, costs 1350 RP.

The next Cosmic skin is for Varus at 1350 RP.  This skin is very similar to his Dark Star skin. I’m not too excited for this one, as it just feels like it’s missing something.  It will have seven chromas available for Cosmic Varus.

On the other hand, Cosmic Vladimir fits the theme well and it’s different from any other skin available for him.  It looks good visually as well and it’s reasonably priced at 1350 RP. I do recommend picking up this skin if you play Vladimir. He will have eight chromas for sale with the skin.

Next up is Cosmic Skarner for 1350 RP. Wow, when was the last time he got a new skin? Well, the drought is over. It’s modern and cool and probably will become his best skin. He will have eight chromas to purchase as well.

Last up we have Dark Cosmic Lissandra for 1350 RP. This is the only Dark Cosmic skin coming this round. I think if you liked the Dark Cosmic Lux you’ll really like this one.  Plus it’s good to see Lissandra get a new skin when she doesn’t have too many to choose from.  This skin will have nine chromas available.

The final new skin that is coming in Patch 10.24 is Prestige Star Guardian Soraka for 100 Prestige Points. It’s gold and shiny like all the other Prestige skins and looks just as good. I’m just a bit unsure as to why they didn’t bring out more Star Guardians to go with it and make a Dark Cosmic, or Cosmic Prestige to match the set they were releasing?

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Overall I think visually the new skins look great. I would recommend picking them up if you play any of the champions. I’m just a bit disappointed that I don’t really play any of the champions to take advantage of this new skin line.