League of Legends: What Your Favorite Champion Has to Be Thankful For

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Let’s gather around the (virtual) table for Thanksgiving, and ask each League of Legends champion what they’re thankful for.

This Thanksgiving is not only going to be different for League of Legends players, but also for the game’s champions. Unlike in years past, the Yordles will not be flying home to Bandle City, nor will Hecarim and Thresh ride off across the Black Mist to the Shadow Isles. With all the champions quarantined on Summoner’s Rift, there doesn’t seem to be much for them to be thankful for.

Yet, as all the champions sit down to feast on a menu of cannon minions and flashless Sorakas, they go around the table to say what they’re thankful for this year. Let’s listen in as the League of Legends champions give thanks for 2020.

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Volibear: I’m thankful for my rework! I finally got to see what pro play looks like!

Fiddlesticks: Must be nice. I guess I’m thankful for actually being scary now. It was pretty annoying looking like a skinny Boogey Oogey from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Wukong: Well, I agree with Volibear. I give thanks for getting to be a viable pick in professional play. I didn’t realize how good those Chinese players were.

Twitch: I’m proud that I didn’t even need a rework in order to be seen in competitive play!

Sett: I don’t see the big deal, some of us were able to jump right into the pro meta.

Lillia: Yes, I don’t know why you all are making such a big deal out of being played by the professionals?

Aphelios: Don’t all you get to played in the top leagues?

Warwick: I want to rip the skin off all three of your faces.

Teemo: I hope you all step on LEGOs or my mushrooms for eternity.

Rammus: OK.

Ashe: This seems like it’s going to spiral into a whole thing, so I’m going to say that I’m thankful that Tahm Kench is no longer a perma-pick support. Now when my arrow hits someone they don’t just get to scurry away in your belly.

Tahm Kench: I may have been benched, but my appetite for ruining your fun will never be satisfied.

LeonaAlong those same lines, I’m thankful that I don’t have to deal with Yuumi every game now.

Thresh: Agreed.

Garen: Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Karthus: I’m thankful that I get to spend the first 15 minutes of the game farming in the safety of my jungle instead of having to face one of you jerks in the lane. It’s nice to just be able to ult from base and get a triple kill with five stacks on my Dark Harvest.

Sejuani: It has been a weird year for the jungle meta.

Shen: Indeed it has been. Thanks, Spica!

Viktor: Well, 2020 has been great for me. Getting that extra item slot freed up has been glorious!

Cassiopeia: Yeah, it is pretty nice.

Jungle champions: Agreed!

Caitlyn: Well from the bot lane, it’s nice that this year hasn’t been too crazy…just kidding, the new kids are making my life a living nightmare.

Samira: What did I do?

Tristana: 74% ban rate says what?

Samira: …okay that’s fair.

Senna: Man pros are going to have a field day playing her. And that’s coming from me.

Lucian: Well, I’m thankful that I’ve finally gotten away from that madness in bot lane. It’s much nicer getting to play against top laners.

Renekton: Go away.

Aatrox: We hate you.

Sion: We never want to see here again.

Vayne: It’s okay Lucian, we’re real top laners, they’re just jealous.

Camille: I will cut you both.

Ornn: Yeah I hate them too, but the year hasn’t been all bad. I finally got a skin!

Skarner: Yeah me too!

Zac: It was a pretty good year.

Heimerdinger: In truth, though, I’m just thankful that we’ve all gotten through this difficult year safe and healthy.

Dr. Mundo: Mundo business at all time high!

Akali: That can’t be good.

Kalista: Agreed on both counts. It’s good to see that we have all made it through 2020 and are healthy as horses.

Hecarim: You suck.

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Master Yi: I think, with that, we should all raise a glass and give thanks for our continued health this year, that we’ve had plenty of time to play with the great Summoners as they’ve been locked inside during the pandemic, and that Riot is finally cracking down on inting and AFK-ing!

Garen: Here, here!

Gragas: *belch*

Zoe: And at least none of us got accused of being an annoying, manipulative cash grab that was designed solely to sell waifu body pillows and boost the play count of K/DA songs!

Everyone: *laughs and cheers*

Seraphine: *looking around confused* Who are you talking about?