2020 Rewind: The Most Broken Champions of Season 10

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

With the year coming to a close, we look back to the most broken champions of Season 10.

420 Weedwick, Ardent Censer Janna, Sated Devourer Yi, Shojin Renekton. Throughout the history of League of Legends, there have always been champions that, at one time or another, for a brief period, were insanely strong. Season 10, unfortunately, was no different.

As part of our 2020 rewind, where we look back at all the best (and worst) moments of 2020, today we are going to look at those insanely weird, broken picks that happened to crop up during Season 10. These aren’t those champions that simply were dominant for the majority of the season, like Darius top lane or Leona support. Instead, these are champions that had a brief moment in the sun where they were suddenly insanely strong before being nerfed back down.

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Without further ado, here are the most broken champions of Season 10!

Qiyana Mid (Patch 10.1 to 10.4)

Way back at the dawn of Season 10, Qiyana was an absolute monster in the mid lane. Although she only peaked with a 52% win rate in Patch 10.3, she was still so insanely strong that we were able to see her flexed into the jungle. Ironically, she didn’t really see direct nerfs to knock her out of the mid lane meta, but she just seemed to get pushed out by other picks.

Soraka Top (Patch 10.3)

The horror, the scourge that was Soraka top rose to power in Patch 10.3, when she had a ridiculous 56% win rate and 6.5% pick rate in her off role. Luckily, Riot absolutely kneecapped her top lane potency the very next patch, to the point that she was out of the top lane almost entirely by Patch 10.5.

Sett Jungle (Patch 10.4)

Back on Patch 10.4, just two patches removed from his release, players realized that Sett could actually be played in the jungle, as well as top lane. His Haymaker’s crowd control was too easy to hit on targets and as a result he had a 56.7% pick rate in the jungle (while at the same time having a 51.4% win rate and over 13% pick rate top lane). His broken-ness may not register as much because Sett continued to see the jungle in pro play, but for that one patch he was ruling solo queue.

Miss Fortune ADC (Patches 10.5 to 10.6)

Even though MF was one of the strongest ADCs at the beginning of Season 10, during this two patch period she stood above all others. She had win rates of 53.6% and 53.8% in those two patches, to go along with her pick rates of 21.1% and 19.5%, respectively. Even though the nerfs kept coming for her, it wasn’t until Patch 10.11 that MF was truly out of the elite tier, but for these two patches, she was dominant.

Wukong Jungle (Patches 10.7 to 10.10)

The Wukong rework was one of the biggest of Season 10 and helped bring the Monkey King back into the top lane meta, where he would remain for the rest of the year. However, right after the rework, Wukong’s win rate in the jungle jumped up to 53%, with a 4.4% pick rate. He remained a fairly strong jungler for the next four patches until nerfs knocked him out of the top tier of the jungle meta.

Volibear Jungle (Patch 10.12)

Unlike Wukong, Volibear got an actual VGU this year and in Patch 10.13 the Relentless Storm made his mark on the top lane. At his peak strength, Volibear had a 53.9% win rate on a 5% pick rate, while he also had a 51.7% win rate as a top laner. He’d remain strong for a few patches, but for this brief moment Volibear was atop the heap.

Lux Support (Patches 10.14 to 10.16)

Riot spent a good bit of Season 10 trying to make Lux support a viable pick, but it seemed that they overshot the mark. Her win rate was steadily creeping up, but it wasn’t until Patch 10.16 that we saw just how powerful Lux support was (56% win rate and 14.7% pick rate). But everyone ignores that, for the two previous patches, her win rate was also above 56%, albeit with a lower pick rate. Unsurprisingly, Riot immediately nerfed her in Patch 10.17.

Caitlyn ADC (Patches 10.15 to 10.16)

During this same period, the Sheriff of Piltover was also making a name for herself in the bot lane. For two straight patches, Caitlyn had a pick rate of at least 25% and a win rate of at least 54%, making her the dominant AD Carry.

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Hecarim Jungle (Patch 10.16 & 10.18)

At the same time, another broken champion was galloping through the jungle as the Shadow of War plowed through champions with a 55% win rate on a 9.7% pick rate. He was immediately nerfed in Patch 10.17 and his win rate dropped down to the 51%, but like Jason Vorhees in Patch 10.18 he rose back into the top of the meta, stronger than ever. In 10.18 he posted a 53.4% win rate on a 14.3% pick rate.