TFT: Riot Reveals the TFT Mid-Set Update for Festival of Beasts

Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Riot announced the mid-set update is dropping under the name Festival of Beasts with new units and traits.

Now that we are halfway through TFT Set 4, it’s about time that we were treated to a mid-set update and Riot appears ready to show off some of their new content. Today, we received an update that TFT: Fates will be adding the Festival of Beasts in Patch 11.2, which should drop sometime in mid-January.

The teaser was a brief poem, that appeared to tease at least four new traits and one new unit (or perhaps a new consumable). From some additional information on Twitter, though it appears to show which traits and units will be disappearing when the Festival of Beasts arrives.

New Content

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The poem on the announcement for the mid-set update has a few clues that can tell us how Riot is planning on changing up TFT Set 4. For one, the lines “Before us winds the tale of Fates. We’ve portaled through both space and time—” appears to tell us that TFT: Fates is getting a pretty large change, thematically in the mid-set update and that these new units might be very different from the Spirits and Divines that we’re accustomed to.

The next four lines, though, provide the most juicy information:

"Souls and Slayers and even BlacksmithsShow off their awe-inspiring gifts,And as the crowd bops to sick beats,Daredevils risk outrageous feats."

The fact that Souls, Slayers, Blacksmiths, and Daredevils are all capitalized means these are very likely four of the new traits coming with the mid-set update. Now, we haven’t seen any of these traits in the past, so we don’t know which units could likely come with those traits…except for one.

Soul could be similar to Soulbound from TFT Set 2, which featured two units: Lucian and Senna. Neither one is currently in TFT Set 4, so this could be an indication that the duo is coming to the Festival of Beasts.

Slayer could be a reference to the Dragon Slayer line, which would fit somewhat thematically with TFT: Fates. This could open up units like Braum, Diana, Olaf, Pantheon, and Trundle.

Blacksmiths are a clear nod to Ornn (who is mentioned by name later in the poem), but I don’t know which other units that might include. Daredevil could be a nod to the Little Devil skins (for Teemo and Fizz) or maybe something that is for daredevils like High Stakes or Hired Gun skins. Either way, we’ll stay in suspense to see what those refer to.

As for Ornn, he is mentioned specifically in the line, “There’s goodies for all, handmade by Ornn.” Now that seems to indicate that Ornn will be a new unit in the Festival of Beasts, but I’m wondering if “handmade by Ornn” means that we could be getting a new item similar to Neeko’s Help. Maybe it will be something that will allow you to break crafted items into their components, or if you get enough you can buy a component of your choosing!

Units Leaving

Unfortunately, balance must be maintained in the Teamfight Tactics universe. As a result, with all these units potentially coming into the game, that also means that many units will have to leave. And the TFT official Twitter account let us know exactly who is leaving.

For those not keeping count, that is 15 champions leaving TFT, accounting for the three units that are still coming back with a new Class or Origin. My guess is that Zed will move to Assassin, Kindred to Duelist or Sharpshooter, and Morgana to Mystic.

Then, in another tweet, Riot dropped some more units that will be disappearing with the Festival of Beasts (though their traits will remain):

So, in total that is going to be 21 units leaving and 21 new units replacing them. Six new traits will also replace the six original traits that are leaving.

From all these changes this means that, of the traits remaining, the mid-set update will likely include three Elderwoods, one Enlightened, one Warlord, one Fortune, two Divines, one Spirit, and two Cultists.

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As for the six new traits that are being teased in this tweet, none of their corresponding symbols seem to line up with the symbols of traits we’ve seen in sets past. That means that we are probably getting a whole new batch of traits when the mid-set update drops.