League of Legends: Players Reveal their Biggest Pet Peeves on Reddit

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

Players took to a Reddit thread to vent on their biggest pet peeves in League of Legends.

League of Legends is a game full of frustration. From lag to bugs to the other players on your team flaming you for not pinging “missing” quite quickly enough, the game can put anyone on edge. But there are plenty of smaller pet peeves that players have, as evidenced by this Reddit thread from yesterday.

These pet peeves are more annoyances that make the players irritated, rather than making them ragequit the game. And if you’re an avid League of Legends player, you’ve probably encountered at least some of these issues. But here are some of the most relatable, aggravating pet peeves that players on Reddit gave us.

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"Cannon minions swapping targets a million times and messing with my CS timing, and enemy melee minions randomly running into tower range while I’m trying to hold a freeze."

Minion AI is one of the most frustratingly unpredictable aspects of the game. Sometimes, minions will swap their target or run forward when you don’t expect them to, thereby subtly messing up the state of the wave. If you’re someone who is obsessed with managing waves (guilty), losing positioning or CS because of something random like this can drive you up the wall.

"The non numerical description of some skills like “charges”, “channels”, and “briefly”."

Above all else, League of Legends players want clarity in the game. We want to know what an ability or item is going to do, when, and how much. Even if we’re not good enough to fully understand or account for it.

For instance, knowing how long it takes to channel a Karthus ult doesn’t really impact how most players would use it. But it is still helpful to know whether it takes one second or one and a half or two because it allows players to understand where the gaps in their knowledge are so they can better improve their play.

"I hate the knockback the drakes do when started up. It is small but literally every time it happens I get mad."

Junglers know this pain all too well, and it’s especially annoying when you had to use your only gap-closer to hop over the wall to start the dragon. But if you have any ability that prevents you from getting displaced (like Warwick Q) you can avoid this nasty inconvenience.

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"i hate how in aram if i autopath down the lane itll make my champ walk over all my team’s health relics. so i either grief my team by running over them without realizing or i have to use my brain and actually not walk over them."

ARAM players know the pain of accidentally walking over your team’s health relics. You’ll get spam pinged to death and your team will be at a major disadvantage the next time that the enemy pushes towards your base.