TFT: The Five Biggest Changes Coming to Fates II

League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games.
League of Legends. Photo Courtesy of Riot Games. /

TFT Set 4 is bringing some massive changes in Fates II.

Tacticians around the world are ready for the big changes that are coming to TFT with the mid-set update. Indeed, Riot confirmed today that Set 4.5, aka Fates II, will be hitting PBE tomorrow before going live on Patch 11.2.

With some new synergies coming in, and existing synergies leaving (ditto for champions), players are going to have to sift through tons of new changes to TFT: Fates. Here are the five biggest changes coming with the Festival of Beasts.

1. Out with the Old

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Gone are these five traits, along with their corresponding champions (with a few notable exceptions).

  • Moonlight (Aphelios, Lissandra, Sylas)
  • Dusk (Vayne, Thresh, Riven, Cassiopeia, Lillia)
  • Hunter (Aphelios, Warwick, Ashe)
  • Dazzler (Lissandra, Lux, Ezreal)
  • Shade (Evelynn, Kayn)

There are another six units that are leaving TFT, though their underlying traits are left untouched.

  • Nami
  • Hecarim
  • Jinx
  • Xin Zhao
  • Jhin
  • Ahri

2. In with the New

Five new synergies are replacing the five traits that are leaving when Fates II hits, along with several new units, or existing units that are shifting over from Fates I.

  • Dragonsoul
    • Trait: Dragonsoul empowers champions with a powerful dragon buff that grants stats and a powerful dragon breath attack! (3/6/9)
    • New Champions
      • Brand (1g, Mage)
      • Tristana (1g, Sharpshooter)
      • Braum (2g, Vanguard)
      • Shyvana (3g, Brawler)
      • Olaf (4g, Slayer)
      • Aurelion Sol (4g, Mage)
      • Swain (5g, Syphoner)
  • Fabled
    • Trait: Each Fabled champion gains an additional, unique effect that powers up their ability when the trait is active.  (3)
    • New Champions
      • Nautilus (2g, Vanguard)
      • Neeko (3g, Mystic)
      • Cho’Gath (4g, Brawler)
  • Syphoners
    • Trait: When the trait is active, your whole team will get some healing via damage done, but the Syphoners get a much larger amount! (2/4)
    • New Champions
      • Nasus (1g, Divine)
      • Vladimir (2g, Cultist)
      • Swain (5g, Dragonblood)
    • Changed Champions
      • Morgana (Changed from Dazzler)
  • Slayer
    • Trait: he lower a slayer’s target is, the more damage they deal, allowing them to destroy wounded targets. (2/4/6)
    • New Champions
      • Darius (3g, Fortune)
      • Olaf (4g, Dragonblood)
      • Tryndamere (4g, Warlord/Duelist)
      • Samira (5g, Daredevil/Sharpshooter)
    • Changed Champions
      • Zed (Changed from Dusk)
  • Executioner
    • Trait: Similar to Valkyries from Set 3, Executioners are great at finishing off low-health targets.
    • New Champions
      • Kayle (4g, Divine)
      • Xayah (4g, Elderwood/Keeper)
    • Changed Champions
      • Kindred (Changed from Hunter)

There will also be three new champions that are joining the TFT roster, going into existing traits.

  • Rakan (2g, Elderwood/Keeper)
  • Sivir (3g, Cultist/Sharpshooter)
  • Ornn (5g, Elderwood/Vanguard/Blacksmith)

3. Speaking of Ornn

Ornn is going to be the biggest game-changing new unit in Fates II, as he’s bringing his crafting abilities over from League of Legends.

After participating in combat, Ornn begins crafting an Artifact. The higher his star level, the faster he’ll craft these powerful new items. Once complete, the item will appear and you’ll be able to equip it to any allied champion with an open slot who doesn’t already have an Artifact equipped! These artifacts are brand-new unique items that can only be obtained from Ornn.

Among the Artifacts teased are the Rocket-Propelled Fist, which gives the wearer a Blitzcrank-like pull; Muramana, which grants an instant 100 mana after casting a spell for the first time in combat; and Trinity Force which grants +33 to every single stat (except health, it grants +333).

All of these new items are going to make Ornn near-mandatory for TFT players once Set 4.5 begins.

4. More Control Over Items

That’s right, Riot is adding a new mechanic where you can re-roll your existing items! It will be a consumable, which you will have to use on a champion with items already equipped. Once you do this, the items pop off and will be re-rolled to something else.

This will work on full items, but Riot mentions that that is a “risky proposition.” I assume that means that you could potentially end up re-rolling a full item into just a component.

There is also a new mechanic whereby players can simply remove items from a unit without selling them. This is fantastic because it allows for players to equip strong items to early game carries with the knowledge that they won’t have to sell their 3-star Maokai to get its three items onto a stronger carry.

5. Shop Reroller

This is the biggest change, to me, coming to TFT. If you get this item and use it on a unit, it will not only re-roll your shop for free (no gold cost), but the new shop will only include units with the traits of the unit you used it on. That means, if you use a shop reroller on a Maokai, the shop will refresh with only Elderwoods and Brawlers.

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This is a massive change that is coming to the late game portion of TFT games, because players can almost guarantee getting more copies of their needed units if they have one or two of these items. Imagine having five of the nine Jhin’s needed to get it to three stars and using two shop rerollers at Level 9. You would have a 30% chance to get the only 4-star Sharpshooter (Jhin) and one of the two 4-star Cultists (Jhin and Aatrox).

This item is going to be extremely beneficial if players manage to use it correctly. The only real wrinkle with this and all the other new items is what sort of drop rate they will have and whether they take an item slot when used.